Obama announces “Medal of Freedom” award to be given to mostly libtard celebrities… um, really???

Just wait for Trump to get in office. I’m sure he’ll be giving Kennedy Center honorees and Medal of Freedom to people who actually matter and who has actually done things for America.


Twitter user “Saltwater Patricia” got it right:

It is kind of funny how Barack Obama makes fun of Trump for being a reality star and “celebrity” when all Barack does is obsesses with celebrities.

Obama has all kinds of celebrities and music stars at his events at the White House all the time and he wants to pick on Trump being a “celebrity”.

It’s no secret that Obama is obsessed with celebrities and Hollywood. That’s because Obama actually thinks he’s a celebrity. He thinks of himself as a celebrity more than a president. Why do you think Obama appears on all of these late night talk shows?

All those celebrities that will be given the Medal of Freedom award for doing nothing are mostly libtard celebs anyway. They all probably hate Trump and love Hillary too. Maybe that’s why they got ’em?

How about giving a Medal of Freedom award to people that actually matter like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden? Maybe Trump will give them their Medal of Freedom awards when he gets in office pretty soon.



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