If the election was based on popular vote, it wouldn’t have made a difference, Trump would still win either way…

Man, I wished Trump did campaign in New York. If he did he would have won New York State for sure but instead New York gave the win to Crooked Hillary. If the election were based on popular vote, it still would have proved that Trump is more popular than Hillary. Love all the silly lies by the MSM that they claim Hillary won by popular vote. They want to accuse Trump of cheating but they know he didn’t and can’t figure out a way to so instead all they can think of is Hillary winning popular vote.

Also, the MSM is claiming that if Trump ran against Bernie Sanders instead, Bernie would have won. No, no, no, and no. Trump would have beat Bernie’s ass too. Bernie is not bigger than Trump, never was.

Again, don’t listen to the MSM, y’all. They’re all in bed with Democrat politicians. Sad how one-sided these so-called journalists are.



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