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Candace Owens doesn’t support the trans movement that’s been going on lately and I don’t support it either!!!

This post will probably get me in trouble but I don’t give a shit. In case you all haven’t figured me out by now, I’m one of those who will tell the truth and be honest with my feelings no matter the consequences.

Candace Owens announced here that she doesn’t support the new trans movement that’s been going on in America lately. Yeah, I know this transgender thing is nothing new… it’s been around for decades long before Kaitlyn Jenner but it hasn’t gone mainstream until Kaitlyn Jenner.

I have noticed that more and more people claiming to come out as “trans” in America. It’s happening all over America even in your local area. I ranted about the transgender thing in my blog before but I don’t mind doing it again.

Yeah, so a man puts on women’s clothes, women’s makeup, a women’s wig and talks like a woman… this man wants you to call him a “woman” even if he still has a penis. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way in my view. If they still have a penis, they are still a man and don’t get me started on this “hormone therapy” crap. It’s the same thing when a woman wants to pretend to be a man… she wants to look like a man and talk like a man but she still has tits and a vagina. Ugggghhhhhh….

I’m with Candace Owens totally. I think she has a lot of balls for tweeting that too and makes me a fan of her even more. I used to think I was alone about my feelings on the transgender thing but thankfully, it looks like I’m not alone at all…. lmao…. I hate everything about the transgender movement and it’s very scary. To me, these people who want to change their gender are just people with lots of problems and they need help. Mostly these people who want to “transition” are just people coming out of a divorce so is it divorce that makes them want to change? Possibly. I also blame bad parenting ’cause there are parents out there who purposely change their kids genders even when they were kids. Disgusting. I’m seeing that a lot too. Parents who make boys look like girls and girls who look like boys.

I’m proud to be a man 100% and I’ll never change. These transgender people scare me. Call me transphobic all you want but I’m always going to identify their true gender as to what they were really born as.


Transgender person goes off at store clerk at a Gamestop store…

This post is probably gonna get me in trouble in the liberal world but I don’t give a flying two fucks. My blog, my opinions so here’s a middle finger to all them libs who don’t like it.

Ya know, I give so much kudos and respect to the store clerk guy of Gamestop for calling this person what he really is. He also has a lot of balls to call him “sir”. Notice in the title of this blog post I called it a “transgender person” instead of “transgender woman”. That’s because this transgender thing whatever it is… this person is a man. Period. End of story.


The store clerk didn’t do anything wrong at all so I’m siding with him 100%.

All this transgender stuff in liberal America is bullshit and it’s getting way out of hand for sure. First they rammed “gay marriage” down our throats, now the left are trying to ram transgender people down our throats. It doesn’t make any sense to me that when a man dresses up in women’s clothes, puts on women’s makeup and changes his name to a woman’s name — we have to call that man a woman. The same goes for women who dress up like men and looks like men but we have to call her by a man’s name. It’s bullshit. All of it.

Call me transphobic all you want but you can’t change genders. If you were born a man, then you’re a man. It doesn’t matter if you put on women’s clothes or get a sex change operation. You’re a man no matter what. Same thing when woman thinks she’s a man. If you were born with a dick, you’re a man. If you were born with a vagina then you’re a woman. Not that hard to grasp is it? I’m tired of this “gender” confusion stuff.

I am noticing that more men are thinking they are a woman which is pretty sad, in my opinion. This country is getting more whacked and it’s pretty scary.

I am proud to be a man 100%. We’re now living in a country where people find it wrong to be a man. It’s really sick and disgusting. Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s getting worse. Once again, I am PROUD to be a man and will never change.


See what happens when the Kardashians exploit Bruce Jenner? Kim K. is now on the cover of Rollingstone…

Before the transformation of Bruce Jenner, I could have sworn that the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan used to be the most hated celebrity people on the planet but ever since that Diane Sawyer interview and that Vanity Fair cover, everybody seems to love the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan. Bashing the Kardashian and the Jenner family used to be okay but now that Bruce Jenner transitioned into a woman, it’s almost like we’re not allowed to attack that whole family. When you do, their supporters will attack you for it.

Can you see how Kim K. exploited and used Bruce Jenner as a way for her to get more respect from the American public? Can you see how she would use Bruce as a way to get a career boost and get even richer? Now she’s on the cover of Rollingstone for the first time, I think.

Everybody now loves Kim. K ’cause of the whole Bruce Jenner transgender thing which is fucking ridiculous, in my opinion.


So now that Bruce Jenner transitioned into a woman we have to get forced to give her more respect? HELL NO! I won’t respect those damn Kardashians no matter what anyone says. They are one greedy and ego-driven family. They obviously love the fame and love getting all that attention for themselves. I’m sure the Kardashians are worth a lot more money now ’cause of Caitlyn Jenner.

Watch all the Kardashians get bigger opportunities in their careers. Most of this family got famous for nothing. It’s unbelievable how America went from hating them to loving them.

Also is Bruce/Caitlyn really a Republican or a Conservative as he claimed in that Diane Sawyer interview? HA! We all know that is a flat out lie ’cause Caitlyn Jenner attended the NYC Gay pride parade so he’s obviously a liberal.

The Kardashian family exploited Bruce for more fame and wealth. That’s the same reason Kim K. married Kanye.


Just wait until Michelle Obama comes out as a transgender man!!!

If you think America’s obsession with Caitlyn Jenner is bad, just wait until Michelle Obama comes out of the closet as a transgender man. Whenever Michelle decides to do it, the media obsession about her coming out as transgender would get a lot worse. It’ll get much worse than the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn stuff. As soon as the news of Bruce Jenner announcing that he’s Caitlyn, the world exploded. There’s all kinds of mixed reactions and a huge debate sparked out of this. Each time someone wants to get grossed out over Caitlyn Jenner, those fucking liberals will predictably attack you saying things like, “You shouldn’t judge” and all that stuff. Liberals are trying their best to get us to accept the transgender just like they try to shove gay marriage down our throats. First they shoved gay marriage down our throats, now they are doing that with this “transgender” bullshit. You can’t even have your own opinion on the “transgender” or “transexuals” whatever you want to call them.

Like I said, if you think Caitlyn Jenner was bad… just wait until all this happens with Michelle Obama. There’s no doubt at all that she’s a freakin’ man. It’s all pretty well-documented that the media seems to ignore. More and more people are starting to wake up and realize that Michelle is a freakin’ man. Just read all the comments in facebook whenever a news organization makes a post about Michelle, you’ll see people in the comments saying that she’s a “man”. You’ll see the same in youtube and other news articles when they wanna to talk about Michelle positively, people will say she’s a man. I think more people started to see it ’cause of Joan Rivers and Michelle’s appearance on Ellen when she was doing that dance.

When will Barack and Michelle come out of the closet? I predict pretty soon. Since they are trying to promote, “gay rights” and “gay marriage”, I think it’ll be pretty soon. Maybe toward the end of Barack’s presidency or after.

Whenever Michelle comes out as transgender man, the media obsession will explode. Liberals will be obsessed with her/him and this Caitlyn Jenner will be forgotten.

Is this a new way to get fame and fortune? Is this a clever way for a famous person to get richer? Come out as transgender and this is a major career boost for them. All this Chaz Bono stuff was bad enough.

I can’t stand today’s mainstream media. It’s getting worse and worse.


More about Bruce Jenner… about his political views…

One thing that kind of impresses me about Bruce Jenner though, admittedly is that not only that he came out as a “transgender”… he also came out as a “conservative” which means he’s a “right-winger”. With the media overhyping Bruce’s transgender stuff, I bet everybody expected Bruce to be a liberal but when he said he is a “conservative”, I’m sure that did get some liberals scratching their heads a bit.

Which is funny ’cause I haven’t seen the “Being Liberal” page post anything about Bruce yet: https://www.facebook.com/beingliberal.org?fref=ts

So I guess there are mixed reactions by the liberal community of Bruce not only coming out as “transgender” but also “conservative”. I’m sure he pissed off some liberals that he said he that he believed in the Constitution.

While I don’t care about Bruce’s personal life and sex life, I just wanna say that not everybody is designed to be a liberal. It just shows even more that liberals really hate, “conservatives”.

How much longer is this Bruce Jenner story gonna last? After him coming out as “conservative” too, I expect Bruce to disappear from the media pretty quickly since he admitted to being a “right-winger” and he’s anti-Obama.

Once again, not everybody is a liberal and they don’t have to be. Politics isn’t a one-way street.


So liberal America loves the Kardashians now ’cause of this transgender stuff? Yeah okay…

I can now understand why Bruce Jenner is pushing his transgender stuff in our faces. I partly blame that on the rest of the Kardashian family. The Kardashian family has gotten a lot of hate in America over the years. Ya know, almost everyone in America including liberals were accusing the Kardashians of being “famous” for being “famous”. So why are liberals flip flopping on the Kardashian family and loving them now all of a sudden? It is because of the Bruce Jenner coming out as “transgender”, that is why. People are feeling more sympathetic for the Kardashian family ’cause they have a transgender man. Did the Kardashian family push Bruce to do this? I’m saying yes, absolutely. The rest of the family probably talked Bruce into doing the Diane Sawyer interview.

The Kardashian family are all narcissistic and egomaniac pieces of shits. All of them. They would do anything to get the American people to respect them and they got it. Next thing you know, Bruce Jenner is probably gonna get his own reality show for TV and he’s probably gonna write a memoir. People are even getting into Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge which is even crazier.

First liberals shoved gay marriage in our faces, next they’re gonna start shoving the “transgender” lifestyle in our faces now. Be ready for this one, conservatives. Soon we won’t be allowed to say things like “We don’t care”, “Why should we have to know about it”, etc. The intolerant left will attack us for having an honest opinion on the “transgender” just like they do on gay marriage. They will continue to label us as “bigots” and crazy “right-wingers” just for having a different thought and view when we should have every right to.

Fuck the media and fuck the Kardashians.