So liberal America loves the Kardashians now ’cause of this transgender stuff? Yeah okay…

I can now understand why Bruce Jenner is pushing his transgender stuff in our faces. I partly blame that on the rest of the Kardashian family. The Kardashian family has gotten a lot of hate in America over the years. Ya know, almost everyone in America including liberals were accusing the Kardashians of being “famous” for being “famous”. So why are liberals flip flopping on the Kardashian family and loving them now all of a sudden? It is because of the Bruce Jenner coming out as “transgender”, that is why. People are feeling more sympathetic for the Kardashian family ’cause they have a transgender man. Did the Kardashian family push Bruce to do this? I’m saying yes, absolutely. The rest of the family probably talked Bruce into doing the Diane Sawyer interview.

The Kardashian family are all narcissistic and egomaniac pieces of shits. All of them. They would do anything to get the American people to respect them and they got it. Next thing you know, Bruce Jenner is probably gonna get his own reality show for TV and he’s probably gonna write a memoir. People are even getting into Kylie Jenner’s lip challenge which is even crazier.

First liberals shoved gay marriage in our faces, next they’re gonna start shoving the “transgender” lifestyle in our faces now. Be ready for this one, conservatives. Soon we won’t be allowed to say things like “We don’t care”, “Why should we have to know about it”, etc. The intolerant left will attack us for having an honest opinion on the “transgender” just like they do on gay marriage. They will continue to label us as “bigots” and crazy “right-wingers” just for having a different thought and view when we should have every right to.

Fuck the media and fuck the Kardashians.


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