More about Bruce Jenner… about his political views…

One thing that kind of impresses me about Bruce Jenner though, admittedly is that not only that he came out as a “transgender”… he also came out as a “conservative” which means he’s a “right-winger”. With the media overhyping Bruce’s transgender stuff, I bet everybody expected Bruce to be a liberal but when he said he is a “conservative”, I’m sure that did get some liberals scratching their heads a bit.

Which is funny ’cause I haven’t seen the “Being Liberal” page post anything about Bruce yet:

So I guess there are mixed reactions by the liberal community of Bruce not only coming out as “transgender” but also “conservative”. I’m sure he pissed off some liberals that he said he that he believed in the Constitution.

While I don’t care about Bruce’s personal life and sex life, I just wanna say that not everybody is designed to be a liberal. It just shows even more that liberals really hate, “conservatives”.

How much longer is this Bruce Jenner story gonna last? After him coming out as “conservative” too, I expect Bruce to disappear from the media pretty quickly since he admitted to being a “right-winger” and he’s anti-Obama.

Once again, not everybody is a liberal and they don’t have to be. Politics isn’t a one-way street.


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