Transgender person goes off at store clerk at a Gamestop store…

This post is probably gonna get me in trouble in the liberal world but I don’t give a flying two fucks. My blog, my opinions so here’s a middle finger to all them libs who don’t like it.

Ya know, I give so much kudos and respect to the store clerk guy of Gamestop for calling this person what he really is. He also has a lot of balls to call him “sir”. Notice in the title of this blog post I called it a “transgender person” instead of “transgender woman”. That’s because this transgender thing whatever it is… this person is a man. Period. End of story.

The store clerk didn’t do anything wrong at all so I’m siding with him 100%.

All this transgender stuff in liberal America is bullshit and it’s getting way out of hand for sure. First they rammed “gay marriage” down our throats, now the left are trying to ram transgender people down our throats. It doesn’t make any sense to me that when a man dresses up in women’s clothes, puts on women’s makeup and changes his name to a woman’s name — we have to call that man a woman. The same goes for women who dress up like men and looks like men but we have to call her by a man’s name. It’s bullshit. All of it.

Call me transphobic all you want but you can’t change genders. If you were born a man, then you’re a man. It doesn’t matter if you put on women’s clothes or get a sex change operation. You’re a man no matter what. Same thing when woman thinks she’s a man. If you were born with a dick, you’re a man. If you were born with a vagina then you’re a woman. Not that hard to grasp is it? I’m tired of this “gender” confusion stuff.

I am noticing that more men are thinking they are a woman which is pretty sad, in my opinion. This country is getting more whacked and it’s pretty scary.

I am proud to be a man 100%. We’re now living in a country where people find it wrong to be a man. It’s really sick and disgusting. Liberalism is a mental disorder and it’s getting worse. Once again, I am PROUD to be a man and will never change.


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