Woodstock 2019 gets the greenlight, it’s definitely happening and it’s gonna happen at the same place where ’69 took place at…

Yeah, Woodstock 2019 was already confirmed earlier this year but it wasn’t yet known where it would take place at until now. It is now confirmed that Woodstock 2019 would take place at Bethel, N.Y. and it would take place at the same exact spot where Woodstock ’69 was taken place at 50 years ago which is something special.


The event is already booked for Aug. 16 – 18 in 2019. There hasn’t been a new Woodstock festival since ’99 and finally we’re getting another Woodstock festival. It’s going to be the same format: bands & artists will play on an outside stage and there will be speakers too probably.

Will Wavy Gravy be there? Wavy Gravy is still alive believe it or not. I think the man would be in his 80’s by now and I would think he would probably be there to give speeches on stage like he did at all Woodstock festivals. Yeah, I’m sure Wavy Gravy will be a part of it like always.

Finding out what the festival lineup gonna be is gonna be interesting. Wonder who the big headliners are gonna be? I’m hoping they could get AC/DC to headline if lucky enough. Maybe Van Halen too. I know they’re gonna try to get Guns N’ Roses to headline. They’ll also probably get Metallica, the Foo Fighters, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne solo (maybe?), Queens of the Stone Age, etc. I’m sure they’ll book a bunch of rock and metal acts for sure.

I’m sure they’ll also book a bunch of pop and rap artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye, Drake, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Taylor Swift and artists such as those.

Looking at how they booked Woodstock ’99, it looks like they try to keep up with the current music industry. They book all genres. I’m hoping Phish will get a slot and maybe Dead & Company.

That’s cool that this Woodstock is gonna take place at the original site which is about a 3 hour drive from here. I’m sure tickets to Woodstock 2019 won’t be cheap, though.

When Woodstock 2019 happens, you can expect all kinds of naked people walking around, all kinds of drugs and stuff like that. Hopefully there will be no riots at this concert like what happened toward the end of Woodstock ’99.

It’s exciting to see what the lineup will be though and can’t wait. I’m sure the lineup will be revealed on the official Woodstock FB page.


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