Obama dodges questions from reporter about Donald Trump immigration…

Today, Obummer held a press conference in response to the Iran deal and a reporter tried to ask Obummer about his thoughts on Donald Trump’s immigration… of course, Obummer dodged the question and refused to answer it.

I’m offended by the title of this video, the word “heroically” offends me ’cause this is not Obama being “heroic” at all (Think Progress is a very liberal news site anyway). He’s just being a total coward. It seemed that Obama knew what the question was right away. He knew what was coming. Before the reporters come in do they have to tell the White House beforehand what question they’re gonna ask the President? Are the reporters strictly moderated? That’s what it seems like to me.

This joke of a president should respond to Donald’s immigration. Yep, I know Obummer hates Donald Trump… they never got along obviously.

Obummer a coward. Doesn’t have the balls to answer tough questions with honesty.


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