Obama is probably lying about not having the “mechanism” of revoking Cosby’s Medal of Freedom…

Obama claims he doesn’t have the power to revoke Bill Cosby’s “Medal of Freedom” award that was given to him by George W. As usual, I believe Barack is lying. Presidents have never revoked the Medal of Freedom award in the past before but I think they can do it. Obama won’t do it ’cause he doesn’t want to.

I know the Medal of Honor can be revoked ’cause it has been revoked many times:


I’m sure the Medal of Freedom can be revoked too. Even though the Medal of Freedom award has never been revoked before, I’m sure it can. I can’t find any guidelines or rules of the Medal of Freedom anywhere online so I assume that the President can do whatever he wants with the Medal of Freedom of award. I think there is a possibility that he can take ’em away if he wants to.

Noticing how Obama speaks through this video, he’s sounding a little nervous… a little pausing in between words and his lips are moving so he is probably lying like usual.

It is funny how Obama would comment on things like Cosby’s rape allegations and prison rape, yet he hasn’t said anything about Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigrants coming into the country to rape women and children.

He also never said one word about the Kate Steinle murder which is no surprise.


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