Report: Billy Joel to release memoir, “The Book of Joel” on June 14th…

As a huge Billy Joel fan, I am glad that he wrote his own autobiography. It’s about time Billy! I’ve been waiting for him to do one! Yes, I love Billy’s music. Have been a fan of his for years. His book, “The Book of Joel” will hit bookstores this year, on June 14th. See the official announcement here at Billy’s website.

The reason this is going to be a good read ’cause I want to know more about his musical history. When he was younger, how he got into music and all that stuff. Of course, I’m sure he’s going to write a lot of personal stuff such as alcohol, drugs, depression and suicide that he’s known for. Most importantly, I want to get more insight about his music career. He will talk a lot about Elton John, his longtime touring partner.

He’s a phenomenal musician. I just love his music. He’s very inspirational and powerful. His songs are special. He may not play the guitar, he’s a piano man, obviously, but he’s great at writing rock n’ roll songs on the piano.

I miss Billy in music. I wish he would come back to it. I’m definitely buying this book.



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