Report: Arnold to star in a superhero movie????

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Governor of California, spent all weekend at the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Competitions, he does every year. Well Arnold held a fan Q & A session there and the Arnold fan website, The Arnold fans, reported that they asked Arnold himself on what scripts he’s looking at for his big return to the movies.

Arnold reveals he is looking at 15 different scripts. Of course, the next Terminator movie is one of them. He also announced that remakes of “Predator” and “The Running Man” are in there too. Most surprisingly, Arnold said something about that he is getting together a film on which he will play a comic book character which he didn’t name. He will announce the comic book movie he will be in, sometime later this month or in April.

Arnold is no stranger to starring in comic book movies. The Conan franchise was based from the comics and so was the, Red Sonja movie. Also, Arnie was Mr. Freeze in, “Batman & Robin”.

What could his next comic book movie be? I’m thinking it could be Sgt. Rock or Doc Savage. Those movies were attached for him to star but those projects were scrapped since he got elected, Governor. Now that he’s done, maybe both films will actually happen?

I too am looking forward to seeing what his first movie back in Hollywood would be. I hope it’s an action movie.


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