Another note on same sex marriage…

Facebook has been all over this “Same sex marriage” in NY being legalized. Getting all excited about it. I can understand how gay people can get excited about it, but there’s something strange about straight people getting excited about it. Some people claim they are straight, when they support, “same sex marriage” but honestly, you would be surprised on how many closet homosexuals there are around here. You know, people being secretly gay and hiding it. I’m not disrespecting anything here, just making observations on things. This person could be your closest friend or even a family member, he/she could be a closeted gay person. You can tell by seeing some signs of it. Nothing wrong with sexual fantasies though, ’cause everyone has ’em, but when same sex marriage gets legalized in your state, you start to see these things in people.

That’s all legalizing same sex marriage does, in my opinion. It promotes homosexuality and tries to get people interested in it more. It’ll get more people to come out.

I don’t hate gay people. I’ve always been, a 100% straight and I stay true to that.