Just got tickets to Metallica at the Times Union Center Nov. 12th!!! WOOT!!!

Just ordered my tickets to Metallica at the Times Union Center for their Nov. 12th show in Albany, so I’m definitely going. I actually found a friend to go with who is also a Metallica fan. Yep, as expected most of the tickets are gone already, the only seats I could find available was the first lower level.

Yep, it’s no surprise to me that this show could be a possible quick sell out as soon as it hit the 10:00 a.m. hour, and it’ll probably sell out in the next few minutes. Glad I got my tickets in time. Awesome. Getting psyched to see Metallica for the first time ever.

Songs I’m expecting the band to play at the Times Union gig…they’ll probably play several songs from their new album, “Death Magnetic” and of course, all their classics to help plug in their Guitar Hero game.

So I’m going to two concerts this year, Metallica at the Times Union and Phish at SPAC, getting psyched for both of them.

In other Metallica news, be sure to catch the band get inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight on Fuse TV. Those who don’t have FUSE TV channel on your cable box, you can watch the Hall of Fame on their website.


I’ll definitely be watching the Hall of Fame online tonight. I’m in a Metallica mood, so I’ll be playing their Guitar Hero game most of the afternoon probably.


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