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“Waiting for Superman” is one of the most powerful documentaries I’ve seen in a while, it’s a shame it got the Oscar snub…

Yesterday afternoon, I finally saw the documentary, “Waiting for Superman”. As you all know, this is the most talked about documentary movie online. I saw this yesterday afternoon on DVD and I loved it. The film actually blew my mind. It was a very well made documentary all around. Great narration, interviews, filming, music, etc. It’s a film that exposes the truth on schools and education. It gets into detail on how schools are failing. It shows how bad teachers are making students fail, not graduate and all that stuff. It’s obviously a very political driven film. Of course, it showed all the Michelle Rhee stuff and how Bill Gates got into saving education.

This film brings back memories to my school days. I was an okay student. I ddin’t get straight A’s or 100’s, I did pretty good in most subjects. I was good at English and Science. Social Studies/history, I was okay in but still wasn’t my favorite subject in the world. The worst trouble I had in school was math. I’m not a big math person, was never really interested in it. After getting out of school a long time ago, it now makes me wish I was more motivated in math and makes me want to get good with numbers. Education and school is a very tough thing in life. This film proved that. It’s also a very sad film. I wish education can be better in the United States ’cause I think the education thing is broken myself.

This is a very inspiring and moving film. It’s a real shame that it didn’t get nominated for “Best Documentary” at the Oscars at all. It should. It’s a very important film that everyone needs to see and learn. Do yourself a favor, give this movie a rent or buy it, and be inspired. This movie will be helpful for your information on education and your children if you have any.