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There are too many left-wingers out there, and I can’t stand it…

I’m proud to be conservative/republican. I look at myself this way for a pretty good reason too. However, though, I wish there was a lot more conservative people as the conservative thing is diminishing. There are more left wingers/liberals than ever. It’s pathetic. Maybe that’s why they get all over me.

How can I tell if people are left-wingers? Lets break it down to a short list shall we? Left-wingers are…

– People who support marriage equality

– People who support Obama or think he has done nothing impeachable

– People who support Trayvon Martin

– People who support gun control

– People who think Bradley Manning/Edward Snowden is a traitor

– People who think Immigration Reform is good

– People who obsess with the economy

– People who thinks abortion is okay

And I can keep going with the list all day.

Why did I choose to go right-wing? It’s because right-wingers are more honest. Right-wingers care for our country. When things get bad and get crazy in government… we’re pretty quick on picking things up while liberals would be slow learners and they would think the exact opposite as us. Liberal/Conservative is almost like a football team.

We need more conservative people in America, for sure. The liberals are kicking our asses and they like to see us as evil people.

When will we ever get a conservative president in the White House? I hope we get a conservative president in 2016 ’cause we certainly need one. I pick conservative ’cause we know what’s right for our country and what isn’t. Liberals are pretty selfish evil beings. All they care for are themselves. If we had more right-wingers like me… then people in America would have no problem with my so called controversial opinions.

Seriously, I don’t see how my writing style and thoughts are dark & controversial. Only left-wingers would think that. Left-wingers really are awful and I can’t stand ’em.