Despite feud with Glenn Beck, Tomi Lahren uploads facebook video to rant about politics…

When Tomi Lahren rants about politics in her videos, she’s usually in some type of professional television studio. Now that she has no job as of this point, she’s still ranting about politics on video via a homemade video. This is her first homemade video probably using a cell phone camera since being fired from the Blaze. She talks about the Syrian strikes, the Mother of all Bombs, North Korea and things like that. This is a great video too and she’s still killing it. She doesn’t bring up her feud with Glenn Beck at all, though which is good.

Maybe she can replace Bill O’ Reilly on FOX News? Would be a great opportunity for her since she has no job as of this moment. She never worked for cable TV before, most of her shows were online shows. Before she got the job at the Blaze, she worked for OAN. Soon, hopefully she can get her own show on cable TV. Would be cool.


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