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Is Obama gonna come out of the closet soon? Is this why he’s obsessed with promoting LGBT rights???

Check it out, Obama’s official facebook page:


This is why I believe America is all over this Caitlyn Jenner stuff. Part of it is that I believe they are paving the way for Barack and Michelle to come out of the closet as a gay couple. The Caitlyn Jenner stuff is a way for Barack and Michelle to get accepted as homosexuals. Whether you agree with it or not guys, Barack and Michelle coming out of the closet is coming. I predict it’s coming real soon. Barack Obama being all over the “equal rights” stuff is just a sign of it that it is coming but who knows when? How will Barack announce that he’s homosexual and Michelle’s a transgender man? Will he do it doing a TV interview or will he do it during a speech?

I think Barack may actually do it soon ’cause it’s a way to help support the LGBT rights movements that’s going on, ya know? I think Barack will do it during his presidency ’cause America having a first “gay president” will be a way to push the Supreme Court to try and help make “gay marriage” legal throughout the United States. I think you get my point.

If it turns out that I’m right which I’m sure it will be, I’m sure Barack and Michelle coming out will spark a lot of controversy and will shock a lot of people for sure but you shouldn’t be shocked and surprised. Barack and Michelle tried their best to hide their sexuality and orientation but they did a terrible job of it. Most of us already know anyway and suspected it. People who knew Barack Obama tried to warn America about it like Larry Sinclair, Mia Marie Pope and others. It was pretty well known in Chicago that Barack went to those gay bathhouses in the Windy City and he hung out at the gay bars too, I’m sure.

It’s coming y’all. Be ready for this one. I’ve been trying to school you in on this for years but of course, people laughed at my face and called it all bullshit. It’s funny, people get so offended and hurt of some calling Barack Obama gay and when he comes out of the closet finally, everyone will love him for it. Just wait. We live in a messed up society for sure.


Just wait until Michelle Obama comes out as a transgender man!!!

If you think America’s obsession with Caitlyn Jenner is bad, just wait until Michelle Obama comes out of the closet as a transgender man. Whenever Michelle decides to do it, the media obsession about her coming out as transgender would get a lot worse. It’ll get much worse than the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn stuff. As soon as the news of Bruce Jenner announcing that he’s Caitlyn, the world exploded. There’s all kinds of mixed reactions and a huge debate sparked out of this. Each time someone wants to get grossed out over Caitlyn Jenner, those fucking liberals will predictably attack you saying things like, “You shouldn’t judge” and all that stuff. Liberals are trying their best to get us to accept the transgender just like they try to shove gay marriage down our throats. First they shoved gay marriage down our throats, now they are doing that with this “transgender” bullshit. You can’t even have your own opinion on the “transgender” or “transexuals” whatever you want to call them.

Like I said, if you think Caitlyn Jenner was bad… just wait until all this happens with Michelle Obama. There’s no doubt at all that she’s a freakin’ man. It’s all pretty well-documented that the media seems to ignore. More and more people are starting to wake up and realize that Michelle is a freakin’ man. Just read all the comments in facebook whenever a news organization makes a post about Michelle, you’ll see people in the comments saying that she’s a “man”. You’ll see the same in youtube and other news articles when they wanna to talk about Michelle positively, people will say she’s a man. I think more people started to see it ’cause of Joan Rivers and Michelle’s appearance on Ellen when she was doing that dance.

When will Barack and Michelle come out of the closet? I predict pretty soon. Since they are trying to promote, “gay rights” and “gay marriage”, I think it’ll be pretty soon. Maybe toward the end of Barack’s presidency or after.

Whenever Michelle comes out as transgender man, the media obsession will explode. Liberals will be obsessed with her/him and this Caitlyn Jenner will be forgotten.

Is this a new way to get fame and fortune? Is this a clever way for a famous person to get richer? Come out as transgender and this is a major career boost for them. All this Chaz Bono stuff was bad enough.

I can’t stand today’s mainstream media. It’s getting worse and worse.


Caitlyn Jenner predictably looks like a Kardashian…. ya think???

I’m sure that sex change operation wasn’t cheap. I’m also sure Bruce couldn’t afford it all himself and since the whole Kardashian clan are all billionaires… I’m sure the rest of the Kardashian family helped paid him for the surgery.

So what is it gonna be… former Olympic star to reality star & supermodel?

It’s no surprise to see that Bruce would give himself a pretty good breast size so he/she can look good on all the magazine covers. I bet Playboy magazine is interested in Caitlyn and don’t be surprised that Hugh Hefner would give him/her an offer for a pictorial spread.

It’s my opinion that I think that the Kardashian family are exploiting Bruce to boost their careers and make even more money. Nothing but a cash grab.

Shame… since Bruce used to be a big role model for children in the earlier years