The Kardashians will do anything for fame, money and more publicity even if it will damage people…

Like most people, I can’t stand the Kardashians either. This family is getting worse. Getting fame for nothing. Famous for being famous. Those women having no talent and getting fame anyway. They’re probably getting fame just for their good looks alone.

How are the Kardashians exploiting people for more money, fame and publicity? Read this interesting article that explains it all perfectly.

That is why Kim K. married Kanye West and it’s why the Kardashians transitioned Bruce Jenner into a woman. I bet it was the Kardashians who talked Bruce into doing it by paying him a lot of money, ya know? They’re exploiting Bruce/Caitlyn to boost their careers, absolutely.

Don’t be surprised that Kanye’s and Caitlyn’s lives would soon be destroyed ’cause of the Kardashians. Before you know it, Kim K. will divorce Kanye sometime in the future and a big custody battle will explode over North West and their second child that’s about to come. Kanye would soon be broke and homeless ’cause of the Kardashians, he could end up doing drugs kind of like how the Kardashians got Lamar Odom into drugs. The same could happen to Caitlyn.

The Kardashians are horrible people and I wish they would all go away, including all the Jenner family ’cause I can’t stand Caitlyn Jenner at all. I don’t give a shit what all of Caitlyn’s supporters think.


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