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First gay marriage was rammed down our throats and now it’s transgender bathrooms? Wtf???

First libtard America was successful at forcing gay marriage to get legalized in this country and now they are trying to legalize something else. They are now trying to legalize the right for transgendered people to use public restrooms for the gender they are identified as. In other words, they want trans women like for example Caitlyn Jenner to be able to have the right to use the women’s bathroom even if he has a dick still and they want transgender men like for example Chaz Bono who may still have a clit to be able to use the men’s room. You get the idea now, right?

North Carolina signed a bill called the HB2 to stop that from happening. Bruce Springsteen took a stand in it by cancelling his concert in N.C.

Bruce Springsteen cancels North Carolina show due to HB2 law



To me, these LGBT rights is going a bit too far. Our country is so doomed. I’m getting tired of all this LGBT stuff. They were successful at ramming homosexuality down our throats and now transgender.

Sure, some of you would say who cares what people do in bathrooms, it’s their business but if men were to start allowing to use women’s bathrooms and women were allowed to use men’s rooms, that’s very unhealthy if you think about it. It really is unhealthy and on top of that, I don’t want to hear a woman that looks like a man sitting down peeing in the bathroom stall next to me. There’s a pretty good reason why women use women’s bathrooms and men use men’s bathrooms. It’s a health issue is what it is.

Libtard America is getting way out of hand. It’s no surprise that Springsteen would jump aboard the bandwagon to take a stand in this ’cause his politics are too liberal. I used to like Springsteen but I stopped liking his music a long time ago anyways. Most of the music industry is pretty liberal with their politics just like most of the movie industry is. The LGBT community and this equal rights stuff is getting even more disgusting.

States should have the right to disagree with things. Our freedom of expression is just about dead here.


The Chapel Hill shooter that killed 3 Muslim kids is a liberal and an atheist… just an FYI…

I find it really odd that all the big mainstream media outlets who are very “liberal” are reporting on a gunman who killed 3 Muslim kids in North Carolina. Why do I find this odd? It’s because the shooter who is, Craig Stephen Hicks, happens to be a die-hard liberal and he’s an atheist.

Here’s his facebook page for proof:


As you can see he has a deep hatred for all religions including Islam.

Here’s the story that the mainstream media have been posting about.


I’m pretty sure libtards expected this guy to be a Muslim hating “conservative” since conservatives are always criticizing Islam but it turns out the Chapel Hill shooter is a die-hard liberal as you can see on his facebook page. AS you can see on his page, he’s been re-sharing all kinds left-wing memes.

I wonder if liberal media are gonna start some kind of campaign and protest that “Muslim Lives Matter”??? They won’t because the shooter is a liberal. Stephen Hicks is not a conservative or a Republican like the libtards were hoping.

I think this story will quickly disappear once news journalists find out this guy’s political views. They need to protect “liberalism” and if they keep reporting this story, it could put the “left” in a negative light. Give it time… the mainstream news media will be quick to stop reporting the story and only “right-wing” news like FOX News for example will be reporting it.

Murder and crime is wrong — shouldn’t matter the political views, skin color or religion.