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The real reason why Bruce Jenner transitioned into a woman… to get our minds off that car crash???

Back in Feb. of this year,  the former Bruce Jenner was involved in a multiple car wreck that killed one person. The accident was Jenner’s fault and it was putting him in hot water.

Here’s a reminder:


Several months later, Jenner did an interview with Diane Sawyer making a bunch of bullshit claims that he’s a woman. Then on June 9th comes that “Vanity Fair” cover of Caitlyn Jenner.

This Bruce/Caitlyn can change himself all he wants to but that accident will never be forgotten as he just got slapped a wrongful death lawsuit.


Does he really think his fame and fortune is gonna let him get away with this? He should be in prison right now for manslaughter. Of course, with him being a part of the Kardashian family… he can get away with everything.

Yeah, I’m calling him a “he” instead of a “she” ’cause calling this person a “she” or a “her” is so damn stupid.

Before transitioning into a woman, he’s gotten so much flak from the American public about the accident so he figured that transitioning into a woman is gonna help him get more accepted by society. Aaaaaahhhhhhh…. very clever, Bruce. Very clever!