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Report: Michael Jackson estate finally moving forward on making the biopic film about the King of Pop…

So the Michael Jackson estate executor, John Branca, has finally started to shop for producers and studios to help make the biopic film to the big screen about the late, King of Pop. Branca approached, Montecito Pictures, which is owned by Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock, to help finance and produce.

Read more on the story, here.

This is just the early stages and just moving forward. So there are no screenwriters, directors and no cast yet. I bet the director will be none other than Kenny Ortega who did, “This is It”.

As for who to cast Michael Jackson himself, they would need 5 different actors to play him because of his various transformations over the years on his image. They would need black actors to play the younger Jackson of course, but as for the full grown Jackson, any actor can play him. You know about Michael Jackson’s white skin due to his bad plastic surgery, any actor (including a white actor) can play that kind of Jackson.

I think I remember Johnny Depp, wanted to play Michael Jackson for the biopic, and I think that’s a perfect choice right there, in my opinion. Depp would make a good Jackson. They would probably get Jaden Smith for the child Jackson of the Jackson 5 era.

If they do a good job and make it right, I can see this movie being a very powerful drama. Will they do everything about Michael’s life in this movie? Will they even add the pedophile trial and the Conrad Murray stuff into the film? They probably will, wouldn’t surprise me.

As for who to play the young Jackson during the “Off the Wall” to the “Thriller” era, I’m not sure, but they would need a young black actor for that too. It’s gonna be difficult to cast Jackson for sure. I vote Forrest Whittaker or Laurence Fishburne for Conrad Murray.

Anyway, it’s gonna be a long while to see the Michael Jackson biopic arrive to the big screen. I see it being released in 2013 – 14. Glad they’re finally starting to do one. I’m looking forward to it!