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Cool photo: John Landis directs Michael Jackson for the “Thriller” music video…

(photo credit: Quint of Aint It Cool News)

This photo is so freakin’ badass, that I just had to post it for myself. I gave credit to AICN for copyright respect. At the end of the Thriller video, I always thought that MJ’s yellow eyes was some kind of special effect. After seeing this photo, the yellow eyes were actually eye contacts. In that picture, that’s the young MJ when he was really cool, the red jacket and all. RIP, Michael Jackson.


Report: New Michael Jackson video game being released sometime before Christmas…

I think everybody knew that a video game like this was coming, too predictable. Ubisoft is developing a “Dance Karaoke” like video game where you get to play Michael Jackson as a character to dance along with some of his hits. You will get to learn a lot of his signature dance moves including the moonwalk, of course. The game will be available for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox-360 only.

This isn’t the first time Michael Jackson had a video game. The first one was “Moonwalker” made for the original Sega system way back in 1989.

TMZ reports:


Don’t worry PS3 gamers. I’m sure the PS3 system will come up with a different game for Michael Jackson. Maybe do a game based on Captain EO? Or maybe do a Resident Evil styled game based on the “Thriller” video? Who knows, anything is possible. I expect more Michael Jackson video games on the way for sure.


Report: Jay-Z slams the “We Are the World” remake…

Rapper Jay-Z spoke out his thoughts on the Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Quincy Jones remake of “We Are the World 25th”. He says the original is untouchable and should have never been remade. He compares it to Michael Jackson’s other hit, “Thriller”. What he’s saying there is, “We Are the World” is like an anthem for Michael Jackson, kind of like, “Thriller”. Jay-Z also says it would have been better if they wrote an original song for Haiti instead of remaking a Michael Jackson tune.

More on it here:


I’m no fan of Jay-Z’s music but I’ll have to say, he has a point. I agree with him. I was honestly disgusted when they decided to remake it. It was obvious that Lionel wanted to give celebrities and other music stars an opportunity to sing on a Michael Jackson tune. The remake sucks hard and I’ll always stand by it. Even Jay-Z knows it sucks.


Not a Cool Video: “We are the World 25th” was the most horrible thing I’ve heard in years, they ruined it!!!

Lionel Richie did a horrible job composing the remake for “We are the World 25th”. If Michael Jackson was still alive, he wouldn’t like it. Michael would have made this his version and would have made this so much better. I’m sure Michael is rolling in his grave. Shame on Lionel Richie and the music industry. This version was horribly done, I’m so disgusted. Why open the video with that Justin Bieber kid? It should have opened with Miley Cyrus instead. Most of the leading vocals were done pretty horribly especially Wyclef Jeans…and toward 5:51 in the video, they added rapping to it. I expected more from this.

Where is all the real talent for the remake? How come Springsteen, Neil Young, Dave Matthews  and others weren’t a part of this? The original “We Are the World” was amazing, this version sucked hard. I didn’t like it at all.

At least KD Lang did an amazing job singing “Hallelujah” at the opening ceremony in Vancouver. That was better than this. KD Lang was phenomenal and fucking incredible up there, she looked beautiful wearing that white suit as well. When KD Lang sang up there, that had to be fucking incredible singing in front of thousands of people in Vancouver, I’m sure she couldn’t sleep all night after that. I was completely blown away. KD Lang is an amazing talent, she can sing. On a side note, how come KD Lang herself wasn’t part of the “We Are the World” remake, she would have made a good addition too.


Thought: Dr. Conrad Murray visit’s MJ’s tomb…

TMZ posted Dr. Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson’s killer) visiting MJ’s grave…


So Dr. Conrad Murray is admitting to killing Michael Jackson and is about ready to surrender himself for it. He’s turning himself in for murdering a legendary pop star. Most would find Murray visiting MJ’s grave hateful and disrespectful to family, but, I think the main reason why he’s visiting MJ’s grave was to get one last look and some final thoughts about MJ before Murray is headed to prison. You can tell by the look on Murray’s face. He’s probably feeling really guilty for what he did. So he probably did went to MJ’s grave for forgiveness, I believe. He’s feeling horrible to what he did to Michael Jackson, so he went there for some time alone.

Most people commenting in TMZ are not very smart as they are making speculations and assuming things on why Dr. Murray went there. Dr. Murray had his own reasons. You can definitely tell he looks guilty as hell and very sad. Looking at his face, he’s thinking to himself that he wished he never killed MJ.

It’s clear Dr. Murray was jealous of MJ’s fame and fortune, he did it in a jealous rage. It was MJ’s responsibility and his decision to take the drugs from Dr. Murray, yes, but knowing that Dr. Murray is a psychiatrist, he probably manipulated MJ to take more drugs, talked him into it.

It’s a shame that MJ is gone. The music industry isn’t the same without him.


Cool Video: Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” hits DVD this week…here’s a clip of “Earth Song” from the film…

Well, Michael Jackson’s concert movie, “This is It” just hit the DVD stores today. I plan to go to the mall this Thursday for something to do since I have this week off of work. While I’m doing fun shopping for myself later this week, I will also pick up “This is It” movie. I suggest all to see it. Even the haters should see it as well. To those that don’t like MJ, once you see this film, maybe you would gain more respect for the guy after. I still stand by it by my review of this movie that MJ wasn’t a fake. He didn’t lip synch this rehearsal, you would know when you see this film, he directed the whole concert himself and had complete control of everything himself. He certainly had a vision indeed. Michael Jackson was a perfectionist and he certainly will not give up until he gets what he wants.

I also forgot to predict that “This Is It” could get a nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars as well.


Film Review: This Is It

So, I just got back from seeing Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”. I finally saw it. My thoughts? First I like to say that I know that MJ has been getting a lot of hate over the years, but if you go see this film, I think this film will silence the nay sayers completely. Michael Jackson, The King of Pop has been accused of being faked and a manufactured pop star for years.

Well, this film will prove you wrong. In Michael Jackson’s, “This is It” which would have been a 50 concert dates at the O2 Arena in London, the rehearsal and behind the scene footage is shown in this film.

While the concert was directed by Kenny Ortega who instructed most everything, Michael Jackson is really the director here. MJ was telling Michael Ortega what to do. MJ and Ortega would even have heated arguments at times. The thing with Michael Jackson is that he won’t stop until he gets what he wants of what he sees in his head for his vision of the show.

Michael Jackson instructed everything. The stage design, he choreographed the dancers moves, he even instructed the musicians in the live band, etc. Best of all, MJ’s vocals were sung live, he didn’t lip synch. Proof on that, he complained that he couldn’t sing higher notes ’cause he had trouble hearing other things. He also wanted more echo on the vocals and did sound check on the vocals quite a lot which also gave proof that he sang live for reals.

One of my favorite parts of the movie, before the song, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, Jackson was instructing the keyboardist on how to start the song off with piano with a slow intro. If the keyboard player didn’t get it right, Jackson would keep teaching him until he got the piano part right. The keyboardist would kind of argue with Jackson a bit, saying to Jackson that’s the way he liked playing it his way, but Jackson replied back, “I’m just doing it the way the audience wants to hear it”. So the keyboardist agrees and did it Jackson’s way.

So for all you nay sayers out there that think Jackson is a fake at music? You may want to see this film and then you would feel really bad for your accusations of MJ being a fake after finding out he was real. Michael Jackson was also backed up by a live band with real musicians, they certainly weren’t going to fake this concert at all. This movie proved it.

In this film, you would see that Michael Jackson really worked his ass off to put on the best concert of all time. When I went to see this, I was thinking that this film was going to be a typical music documentary. It was tons more than that.

Seeing this film made me feel like I was at a Michael Jackson concert, that’s what the film felt like. It felt like you were watching a concert, not a movie. The film was intense, mind blowing and I had goosebumps throughout the entire movie. Very tight and amazing performances with lots of energy.

Does this film deserve BEST PICTURE for the Oscars next year? HELL YES! All the way!

Only thing I was dissapointed in was the “Thriller” performance ’cause the CGI Ghosts, the new zombies, and Jackson arriving on stage by coming out of a Spider was all kind of goofy. Other than that, the rest of the movie was phenomenal.

I think this is the best film I’ve seen all year long. Definitely the best film of the year. I would go see it again. Michael Jackson was never a fake. He did it all himself to get where he is today. Michael Jackson fan or not, you gotta see it. It’ll give you an idea that MJ was a real profesional and you may change your opinion on him after you see it.

Score for Michael Jackson’s “This is It” = **** (4 stars as in “excellent”)


Michael Jackson’s “This is It” to be a big Oscar winner for 2010?

So is this the reason, Michael Jackson’s “This is It” has been very quickly made this soon just in time for the next Oscars in 2010? The 82nd Annual Oscar Awards is not until March of 2010.

This year’s Oscar awards will include 10 nominations instead of the usual 5.

Movie fans would hate “This is It” to be nominated for almost every category in the Oscars and sweep everything, but I have a feeling that this may happen.

A lot of movies came out this year and I can’t think of any other films that would be Oscar worthy for “Best Picture” other than MJ’s “This is It”.

I have a feeling that the Oscars will be MJ’s year. I’m sure “Inglourious Basterds” and Michael Mann’s, “Public Enemies” might get nominated for Best Picture, but they aren’t worthy enough to win, in my opinion, and I’ve seen both of those movies.

It’s too early to name my Oscar predictions still. Most of the movies came out this year has been popcorn action stuff, not a lot of serious drama films this year.

I will be seeing MJ’s “This is It” sometime this weekend. I think this movie will give Michael Jackson the respect he deserves. Can’t wait to see it.


Not A Cool Video: Harry Connick Jr., is he the one being the racist? Not the Jackson Jive? I think so…

Man, what a fuckin’ asshole this guy is. I don’t find this offensive. I thought it was a cool little tribute to the Jackson 5. Looks to me the only racist here, is no one other than Harry Connick Jr. himself.

Here’s the video segment of this controversy from the Australian show, “Hey Hey It’s Saturday”, which is pretty similar to the Gong Show.

Harry is an idiot.


BREAKING NEWS: MJ was healthy before death…

Even I’m shocked at the results of MJ’s autopsy which was released to the public today. People were speculating that Jackson died of drugs, assuming his body was loaded with pills and other drugs, turns out, the autopsy found no evidence of him using other drugs other than propofol. He was pretty much clean. Jackson’s health was perfectly normal…except his lungs were kind of messed up but that wasn’t the cause of his death.

The Associated Press reports:


That’s amazing. Jackson did seem very healthy, judging by the looks of him with the “This Is It” footage.