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Cool Video: Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” hits DVD this week…here’s a clip of “Earth Song” from the film…

Well, Michael Jackson’s concert movie, “This is It” just hit the DVD stores today. I plan to go to the mall this Thursday for something to do since I have this week off of work. While I’m doing fun shopping for myself later this week, I will also pick up “This is It” movie. I suggest all to see it. Even the haters should see it as well. To those that don’t like MJ, once you see this film, maybe you would gain more respect for the guy after. I still stand by it by my review of this movie that MJ wasn’t a fake. He didn’t lip synch this rehearsal, you would know when you see this film, he directed the whole concert himself and had complete control of everything himself. He certainly had a vision indeed. Michael Jackson was a perfectionist and he certainly will not give up until he gets what he wants.

I also forgot to predict that “This Is It” could get a nomination for Best Picture at the Oscars as well.


Michael Jackson’s “This is It” to be a big Oscar winner for 2010?

So is this the reason, Michael Jackson’s “This is It” has been very quickly made this soon just in time for the next Oscars in 2010? The 82nd Annual Oscar Awards is not until March of 2010.

This year’s Oscar awards will include 10 nominations instead of the usual 5.

Movie fans would hate “This is It” to be nominated for almost every category in the Oscars and sweep everything, but I have a feeling that this may happen.

A lot of movies came out this year and I can’t think of any other films that would be Oscar worthy for “Best Picture” other than MJ’s “This is It”.

I have a feeling that the Oscars will be MJ’s year. I’m sure “Inglourious Basterds” and Michael Mann’s, “Public Enemies” might get nominated for Best Picture, but they aren’t worthy enough to win, in my opinion, and I’ve seen both of those movies.

It’s too early to name my Oscar predictions still. Most of the movies came out this year has been popcorn action stuff, not a lot of serious drama films this year.

I will be seeing MJ’s “This is It” sometime this weekend. I think this movie will give Michael Jackson the respect he deserves. Can’t wait to see it.


Michael Jackson “This is It” teaser poster released…

There is the new teaser poster for the upcoming “This is It” Michael Jackson movie. There will be tour rehearsal footage and more. Film comes out next month on Oct. 28th. Will I see it?

I probably will end up seeing it. I’m curious to see it.

Just a warning though, it’ll be kind of sad to see in theater ’cause people will walk out of the theaters wiping their eyes.

This is for sure to be a huge blockbuster hit. Saw VI won’t even top this.


Report: Michael Jackson movie is coming…hitting theaters Oct. 30th…

The judge at the court, approves the rights for Columbia and AEG Live to release the Michael Jackson movie to the rehearsal footage of the “This Is It Tour”. The film is already confirmed for a release date around Halloween time, Oct. 30th is the release date.

I think all the horror films that’s going to be released on Halloween will get bombed because of Michael Jackson. This MJ film will indeed be the box office hit of the year, it’s possible to sell bigger than “The Dark Knight”.

Will I see this when it comes out? Sure, definitely. I’ll see it.

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