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Paris Jackson, my belief on what led her to become suicidal…

Paris Jackson, the daughter of pop icon, Michael Jackson, has been admitted to the same hospital where the King of Pop died. Why? Because Paris has become suicidal. She came close to killing herself by cutting her wrists ’cause she was bullied online and felt alone. While those were probably the reasons she became suicidal, I think there is way more to it than that. The thing is, I think Paris had a tough childhood. In the early days, Michael kept his kids isolated from the public for protection, and when they go out, they were forced to get masked/hidden from public view. Now that Michael is gone, she can freely go out in the public unmasked all she wants to. I also believe that Michael’s troubled past with the drugs, child molestation accusations, etc. is what also helped drive her into depression. Since Michael has been such a target on his strange & weird behaviors when he was alive, I bet she is being made fun of for this reason. On top of all this, another reason could be that even though that she even might agree that M.J. had problems, she still loves him ’cause he was her father and she misses him terribly.

It’s got to be very difficult for her to be the kid of the most famous person in the world. M.J.’s death and his troubled past will be with her for the rest of her life so this is gonna be tough on her. It’s gonna be hard for her to get accepted in this society for that reason alone. She wants to live her life like any normal human being would but people are going to see her differently ’cause of M.J.

Despite M.J.’s personal problems, I’ve always been a fan of his music. Still do like his music. He may have been a bit of a whack job but his personal problems and musical talent should be kept separate. You can’t deny that he was a talented man.

Paris Jackson and the kids are going to need plenty of counseling if they want to grow up living a good life. They shouldn’t grow up ending up like Michael. I’m no fan of Marilyn Manson but he did the right thing paying respects to her at his concert. He did it ’cause she was a big fan of his music so kudos to him and it was his way of showing that the people are behind her, and everyone supports her.

This is really sad stuff, though, and I wish nothing but the best of Paris too. She seems like a good kid who is scared, confused, and sad. Lets hope she gets all the help that she needs so she can rebuild her life into a more positive direction.