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Finally saw “The Runaways” biopic, last night, brief review…

So last night, I finally saw, “The Runaways” biopic. Saw it on the Movies on Demand PPV things. The movie wasn’t that bad. The film did kind of stay true to the “Runaways” story. It was more of a Cherrie Currie biopic more than the entire film itself ’cause the film concentrated on her character more. It’s no Joan Jett biopic at all even though she’s part of the film. The film didn’t really go in depth of The Runaways history. All they concentrated on were how crazy the girls were as teenagers. They all mixed sex, drugs and rock n’ roll into one. It showed how manager, Kim Fowley formed the band and all that, but the film mostly focused on the lesbian relationship between Joan Jett and Cherrie Currie. Joan was played by Kristen Stewart. Cherrie Currie was played by Dakota Fanning. It shows Cherrie’s obsession with David Bowie and how she wants to be like him as a performer. I was hoping it’ll focus on the music but the film turned out to be a soap opera.

I can understand why the soap opera was needed to explain why the Runaways career was short lived, but I wished the film focused on the music more. Yes, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning had quite a few make out scenes. The questionable thing is Dakota is 15 and Kristen is 20. So how did film makers get legal permission to do scenes like that is pretty questionable? I’m sure they had permission with Dakota’s parents to let them know that the underage lesbian kissing was just for the movie.

I actually thought the film was pretty good, I just wish the writing was better. Maybe this is a sign that Joan Jett will get her own biopic in the future. Kristen and Dakota’s acting was really good in this film though. Kristen’s acting is better outside of Twilight, in my opinion. This is a must see film if you like Joan Jett. It’ll give you insight on how Joan Jett is still huge and famous today.