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Happy with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees with the exception of…

… Green Day making it instead of NIN. Really???? Look like NIN got snubbed this year when they had a pretty good chance in making it.

I’m happy with Lou Reed solo making it in ’cause I’m a huge Lou Reed fan. I’m happy that Joan Jett & The Blackhearts making it in ’cause I’ve always been a fan of Joan’s music. I still need to get Joan’s music for my Ipod/Itunes… I’ll probably just get a Greatest Hits album of hers soon. I’m happy that SRV finally made it in which is long overdue. I’m happy that Ringo Starr finally made it in. The other three Beatles: Paul, John and George made it in with their solo careers but Ringo is the last Beatle finally getting his chance.

I haven’t even heard of the other acts, though… I don’t know who Paul Butterfield, Bill Withers and the 5 Royals are, though.

See the new inductees here:


I feel that Green Day doesn’t deserve it. I used to be a fan of the band back in the early 90’s and early 2000’s but I don’t like them anymore, though. Green Day is a bit overrated.

There are still a large number of rock acts that are deserving of an induction, though. Hopefully Deep Purple will finally get their time next year ’cause they are long overdue as well. Other rock bands/artists who deserve an induction that haven’t yet… a top 10: 1) Deep Purple 2) Jethro Tull 3) Ted Nugent 4) Billy Idol 5) Iron Maiden 6) Megadeth 7) Slayer 8) The Scorpions 9) U.F.O. 10) Phish

Yeah, I named Phish but love ’em or hate ’em… they are eligible and they are successful/legendary. Phish deserves an induction.

You’ve probably never heard of the band U.F.O. but they are a legendary UK band that made guitarist, Michael Schenker famous. You probably know them by their songs: “Rock Bottom”, “Lights Out” and “Doctor, Doctor”.


BREAKING NEWS: Alright, Beatles fanatics, start getting the Fab Four albums digitally now!!

Wow! This is really amazing news! Apple and The Beatles always been strict with Itunes and digital music, look like they’ve had a change of heart all of a sudden! Before, you couldn’t get Beatles music on Itunes. Now you can! Yes, that means you can download all of their studio albums. That’s great, because I stopped buying CD’s. I buy albums digitally from Itunes mostly. I’ll be able to collect all of the Beatles albums, which I will start doing soon. Thanks to Apple and Paul McCartney/Ringo Starr for making it happen for us!




Happy 70th to Ringo Starr!!!

George and John maybe gone, but Sir Paul and Ringo are still with us. Yes, Ringo is now 70 today. Happy Birthday, Ringo! We’re happy you’re still with us! Ringo Starr is a badass and he still is a badass. Cool guy! If I were to meet a Beatle in person, it would be Ringo.

Ringo is an amazing solo artist too, I like his music more than Paul’s to be honest. Check out, “Walk with You” that he sings with Paul. The song sounds like a Beatles song even though it isn’t. I wish George and John were playing on this track too. 😦 This is a Beautiful song though. Perfectly written and very simple.


Report: Ringo Starr tells the Vatican to shut the hell up!!!

The Vatican accused the Beatles of being satanic or in other words, devil worshippers. The Vatican may have felt bad and apologized to the Beatles for it, well look like their apology from the Beatles is not accepted, because Ringo Starr just told them that they have other things to talk about than the Beatltes.  In short, it’s just a polite way of telling them to shut the hell up.

More on it here:


This is why Ringo is the man!!! HELL YEAH!

His new album “Y Not” is great stuff by the way.


Report: Ringo Starr ditches his own fans, no longer wants to hear from them…

Ringo Starr one of the only two surviving members of the Beatles, posted a videoblog on his official website, saying that starting on Oct. 20th he will no longer accept fan mail whether fans write to him by e-mail or regular air mail. When Oct. 20th comes, he will toss all fan mail in the garbage. He will continue to answer fan mail before Oct. 20th but when that day comes fan mail will be over. He will also no longer be signing autographs as well.

He claims he has too much to do. Pretty ironic, since he has a contest on the front page of his website, where he will give a away an autographed drumhead when the deadline to that contest is Oct. 30th. What’s wrong with that picture? Don’t use going on tour as an excuse to ditch fans.

See the video at this website here:


He’s probably getting sick of fans writing him about the Beatles so much, when he probably wishes they would write him about his solo music.