Report: Ringo Starr ditches his own fans, no longer wants to hear from them…

Ringo Starr one of the only two surviving members of the Beatles, posted a videoblog on his official website, saying that starting on Oct. 20th he will no longer accept fan mail whether fans write to him by e-mail or regular air mail. When Oct. 20th comes, he will toss all fan mail in the garbage. He will continue to answer fan mail before Oct. 20th but when that day comes fan mail will be over. He will also no longer be signing autographs as well.

He claims he has too much to do. Pretty ironic, since he has a contest on the front page of his website, where he will give a away an autographed drumhead when the deadline to that contest is Oct. 30th. What’s wrong with that picture? Don’t use going on tour as an excuse to ditch fans.

See the video at this website here:

He’s probably getting sick of fans writing him about the Beatles so much, when he probably wishes they would write him about his solo music.


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