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Nirvana reunion just happened at Cal Jam Fest… they were pretty good but no one can sing like Kurt, sorry!

The Nirvana reunion officially happened right after the Foo Fighters set at Cal Jam Fest this year. The surviving members of Nirvana performed several Nirvana songs with a few special guests: John McCauley of Deer Tick, Joan Jett and Brody Dalle of the Distillers. Nirvana played the songs: “Serve the Servants”, “Scentless Apprentice”, “In Bloom”, “Breed”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “All Apologies”.

Honestly the band did a pretty good job… they played the music well but my problem were the vocals. These songs are pretty hard to hear without Kurt singing them. Nobody can sing like Kurt ’cause Kurt had his own unique singing voice. Both John and Joan tried to match Kurt’s singing style but not even close. It’s hard to match Kurt’s vocal style. Kurt wasn’t much of a singer and I remember Dave saying in an interview once that Kurt never had any professional vocal training but he still had a great rock voice.

The surviving members still hasn’t changed much over the years. Krist Novoselic stills plays bass like he always had… holding the bass down so low and still hopping around on stage like he always done. Krist is wearing a hat to hide his bald head ’cause he is 53 now.  He can’t grow the long hair like he used to when he was young.

Other than that, it doesn’t matter how well you think these musicians played the Nirvana songs. It was about celebrating the music of Nirvana and celebrating Kurt Cobain. That’s what they did this for.

If Kurt Cobain was still around to see this,  I’m sure he would have been proud. Now I think the Nirvana reunion should play a full length concert and play a lot more Nirvana songs. Who knows… maybe that could happen next. We’ll have to wait and see if Dave plans on doing more with them.


Nirvana reuniting for Cal Jam Fest? Dave Grohl finally agreed to start covering Nirvana songs after all?

For many years, Dave Grohl has always been against covering Nirvana songs but it’s looking like that he finally agreed to it. The Foo Fighters have been teasing a Nirvana reunion for this year’s Cal Jam Festival. It’s looking like Dave finally agreed to play Nirvana songs at live concerts ’cause the Foo Fighters posted a video clip where the Nirvana song “Serve the Servants” was being played backwards. The official Nirvana twitter retweeted it.


I think it’ll be cool if the Nirvana reunion would play a full set of Nirvana hits. I think it’ll be great if Dave will sing all the Nirvana songs we know and love: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Come As you Are”, “In Bloom”, “Heart Shaped Box”, “All Apologies”, “Lithium”, “Territorial Pissings”, etc.

I’m a huge Nirvana fan. Have been ever since in the 90’s and I was a teenager in high school back then. I’ve always listened to Nirvana and still do. I think Dave will do a good job singing Kurt’s songs. Dave will not sound like Kurt but I’m sure Dave could pull it off nicely.

I think Dave should do this ’cause it’ll be a nice flashback of the 90’s. It’s really about celebrating the music of Kurt Cobain and that’s what fans wants from Dave. I’m sure Nirvana still got it even without Kurt.


Video: Foo Fighters shoot down breakup rumors in this hilarious video… it gave me a laugh too!

The Foo Fighters shoot down breakup rumors once again in this hilarious video. It was funny and I laughed at it too. Especially the ending when Dave was singing “Phoney Baloney”, that was the best part of the video. The Nick Lachey appearance was good too. Nick Lachey was one of the singers in the boy band group, 98 Degrees and he actually sounded good singing a Foo Fighters song.

I loved how the Foo Fighters made fun of themselves in this video. Dave always had a wild and crazy sense of humor. He always had that crazy sense of humor ever since the Nirvana days and his comedian-like personality never changed today as you can see. He’s the same old Dave Grohl.


The Foo Fighters release new song from “Sonic Highways”…

Pretty rockin’ song like usual. The Foo’s never disappoint! Love the heavy guitar riff in the song too, kind of thrash-metal almost.

I’m definitely gonna get the new album for sure. I have always been a Foo’s fan since their first album. Still am a fan of them.

How about the drumming of Taylor Hawkins in this song, hey? Taylor is a pretty sick drummer and pretty underrated at what he does.

Enjoy the new song. I dig it!


The Foo Fighters to release “Sonic Highways” Nov. 10th!!!


I’ve been a huge Foo Fighters fan for years. Been listening to the band ever since their first album came out in 1995. Originally, the Foo Fighters weren’t supposed to be a band. The Foo Fighters was originally gonna be an anonymous name for Dave Grohl. He wrote several songs for a demo so he can pass around to friends and supporters but record labels ended up getting hold of the first album and they asked Grohl to sign with them which he obviously did. Due to the success of the first album is what made Grohl turn the Foo Fighters into an official band. They kept getting even more successful ever since.

I’ve listened to every album and loved them all. I’m sure this one will be a great one too. Grohl never disappoints. I’m definitely getting this album and looking forward to hearing it!


Foo Fighters to make comeback with 8th studio album and HBO TV series…

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters took a little bit of a hiatus since their 2011 album, “Wasting Light” and the Foo’s are ready to make their full time comeback. The band is coming back with a new album and a new show for HBO directed/produced by Dave Grohl himself.

More on the story here:


Seems like Dave is getting himself into movie making more than making music. Last year he made the documentary, “Sound City” and now he’s doing a documentary for the Foo Fighters.

Is Dave slowly aiming for a career in Hollywood? I think if there was ever a Kurt Cobain biopic film, I think Dave should direct it. I doubt Dave wants to get into Hollywood full time but he might consider it when he retires from music.

I’m glad the Foo Fighters are back. I’ve always loved the band. Loved them for years since their first album. Still do love ’em! While most of today’s rock music is garbage, the Foo Fighters is the only band these days that are considered true rock n’ roll.

Can’t wait for their new album!!!!


Report: Possible Led Zeppelin/Foo Fighters collaboration on the way???

There may never be a Led Zeppelin reunion, but that’s not stopping Jimmy Page for doing other things in his own career. Speaking to BBC6 radio, Jimmy Page announced that he is planning on doing a new album and full tour of his own, sometime next year in 2013. Like the article says, Jimmy hasn’t been in the studio in a long time for new original music.

Since the Foo Fighters, announced hiatus, could Jimmy Page be working on a possible album with, Dave Grohl? Jimmy and Dave have been friends for years. They already played together once at the Foo Fighters concert at Wembley Stadium in 2008, so anything is possible. I can see Jimmy and Dave working together.

More on the story, here.


Report: John Fogerty, collaborates with the Foo Fighters and country stars for new solo album…

John Fogerty, the former frontman of Creedence Clearwater Revival, announced the news of his next solo album titled, “A Song For Everyone”, which will be released this fall. The album will be an all star collaboration with the Foo Fighters, Bob Seger, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, and more.

Read more on it, here.

Sounds nice, but John Fogerty is talented enough that he doesn’t need all them stars to collaborate with him. He does a fine job on his own! I love CCR and John Fogerty solo. As you all know, Fogerty mixes rock, country and blues into one genre. I saw Fogerty perform live at SPAC one year. I’ll never forget that show.


Netflix Pick (DVD): Foo Fighters “Back and Forth”

Over the weekend, I’ve been watching movies on Netflix, both streamable and DVD. Well just earlier tonight, I just watched the Foo Fighters rockumentary, “Back and Forth”. The Foo Fighters is a band who I admired for years. They maybe mainstream and iconic, but they are one of the only mainstream acts that can make great rock music. They are very talented rock songwriters. Of course, Dave’s songwriting was mostly influenced from Kurt Cobain. In the film, he explained how Kurt was the one that got him into songwriting.

The film started off with Nirvana history. After Kurt committed suicide, Dave explained he wanted nothing to do with music for a while. So he made a demo on a cassette tape with the name Foo Fighters on it. The first album was all Dave. He recorded the album himself and recorded all instruments himself. At first, he didn’t want a big career out of music, but something happened to him that made him want to start a career. So he wanted his second album to be with an actual band. The Foos got bigger and bigger each album, and now they are mainstream stars.

The film spans their entire career, giving behind the scenes insight on the recording of each album which is interesting. Did you know that Dave was almost a full time member of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers? It’s true. Dave came really close to joining the Heartbreakers, but then he had to tell Tom “No,”, Dave wanted to do his own project.

What I liked most about the film is the recording for their new album, “Wasted Light”, which was recorded in Dave’s garage at his home. He wanted the album to be old school. He wanted that album to sound like it was recorded at your home. They recorded it on tape, instead of using Pro Tools. The Foo’s “Wasted Light” album is the best album of 2011. It’s a really incredible album, I couldn’t stop listening to it all year.

The interviews were entertaining but I thought Taylor Hawkins and Dave gave the best interviews out of everyone though. This was a very inspiring film and I think it’s better than “Pearl Jam 20”. Whether you’re a longtime Foo’s fan or never heard of them before, you should watch this anyway. It’ll make you understand the band better. Over the years, the Foos been wrongly criticized by some music fans and critics, and I think this film was used to help defend themselves. They do a good job of it too. Check this film out.

Other movies I watched on Netflix over the weekend, which were John Carpenter’s new horror film, “The Ward”, “Limitless” with Bradley Cooper, and “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” a horror/comedy with Brandon Routh, all 3 streamable. Those three films sucked, I hated all 3 of them, but I finally watched something I liked this weekend which was the Foo Fighters, “Back and Forth” movie, Netflix DVD.

I love Netflix. So many people talk a lot of shit about Netflix and their company lately, but I’ll always support them. They need some help and I’m willing to stick with them, I don’t care what anyone else thinks.


Cool Video: Dave Grohl kicks out fan for fighting at Itunes Festival concert…

Usually when kids cause trouble at rock concerts, the bands usually don’t do anything and let the security take care of it. Well, Dave Grohl decided to take care of it himself at the Itunes Festival, when a fan was fighting with other kids. Dave stopped the band in the middle of a song and started swearing and yelling at the kid. He told the fan to get out of his show.

Dave is the man for this. He just cared for his fans safety and he didn’t want this idiot to ruin the fun. Enjoy this hilarious video. I think this was real. It wasn’t an act or scripted or anything.