Foo Fighters to make comeback with 8th studio album and HBO TV series…

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters took a little bit of a hiatus since their 2011 album, “Wasting Light” and the Foo’s are ready to make their full time comeback. The band is coming back with a new album and a new show for HBO directed/produced by Dave Grohl himself.

More on the story here:

Seems like Dave is getting himself into movie making more than making music. Last year he made the documentary, “Sound City” and now he’s doing a documentary for the Foo Fighters.

Is Dave slowly aiming for a career in Hollywood? I think if there was ever a Kurt Cobain biopic film, I think Dave should direct it. I doubt Dave wants to get into Hollywood full time but he might consider it when he retires from music.

I’m glad the Foo Fighters are back. I’ve always loved the band. Loved them for years since their first album. Still do love ’em! While most of today’s rock music is garbage, the Foo Fighters is the only band these days that are considered true rock n’ roll.

Can’t wait for their new album!!!!


One thought on “Foo Fighters to make comeback with 8th studio album and HBO TV series…”

  1. I wouldn’t call that a hiatus…That’s typically how long it can take to release a record, especially after having toured hard of the previous album

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