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BREAKING NEWS: Nirvana reunion happens for the first time ever!!!

Nobody ever thought a Nirvana reunion would ever happen, but it did just earlier this week. Dave Grohl decided to give Nirvana/Foo Fighter fans a gift by reuniting the surviving members of Nirvana at a secret Foo Fighters show in Los Angeles. Yes, Krist Novoselic was there to play bass, and the former Nirvana touring guitarist, Pat Smear, was there to play guitar, while Dave Grohl played the drums and sang.

The Foo Fighters were mainly there to perform songs from their upcoming new album they’re recording with legendary producer, Butch Vig, but the reunited Nirvana did perform one Nirvana song which is “Marigold”, a b-side from the “In Utero” sessions. Nirvana didn’t play any of their big hits or anything like that.

More on it, here.

Is this a tease that Dave plans on reuniting Nirvana full time for a tour, so the band can play all their big hits? Who knows, maybe that will happen. Of course, it isn’t really a real Nirvana reunion without Kurt Cobain. I think everyone knows that. It’s a good thing Dave did this, ’cause I’m sure that is what Kurt would have wanted.

The band played, “Marigold”, because that was the only Nirvana song which Dave Grohl sang the lead vocals on, and not Kurt.

Here’s hoping for more Nirvana shows if Dave and Krist agrees with it!



Report: The Foo Fighters to take a long hiatus from music…

Dave Grohl has announced to BBC Radio that he and the Foo Fighters will soon take a long break and hiatus from the music business.

Dave explains that after doing the amazing and tight Wembley Stadium show which he calls the best damn show in the band’s career (I agree), he says the band played for everybody in that show and that’s when he realized it’s time to hang it up for a while.

The Foo Fighters had quite a busy and tough career, indeed. Their last three albums, “One By One”, “In Your Honor” (which is a two disc CD set), and “Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace” their newest release were all released in a very quick period of time.

The Foo Fighters are an incredible band, they are one of my favorites in today’s industry and I feel that their break is well deserved and needed.

More on it here:


Thanks for the great music, Foos. The boys will be back with more great stuff in the future!