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Peter Gabriel and Sting announce tour together but they will do things a little differently…

Peter Gabriel and Sting has just announced that they will tour together. However, the two will perform songs a little differently. Rather than performing hits from their catalogs of music, they will explore each others tracks meaning separately or together. So does that mean that Peter will be singing some of Sting’s songs and Sting will be singing some of Peter’s songs? Interesting. That means we’ll probably be hearing Peter sing “Roxanne” or “Message In a Bottle” and Sting will probably sing “Sledgehammer” or “Digging In the Dirt”. That’s what they’re experimenting I believe. Cool. I’m a big fan of both of these guys.



Will I watch Wrestlemania 31 this Sunday? Probably not…

Wrestlemania 31 is this Sunday and to be honest, I don’t think I’m gonna watch. I usually watch Wrestlemania every year and have been watching Wrestlemania for years. I don’t watch every WWE ppv like a lot of fans do… only the big ones. I stopped watching WWE. Haven’t been watching RAW in a long time, it’s actually been a few years now since I haven’t watched it. Some of you would think I wouldn’t give up watching wrestling but yes I do. I do take long breaks from watching WWE from time to time when they start getting really bad but I don’t like the direction where the company is headed right now. Every time I try to tune into RAW, the show has never improved. The same old gimmicky storylines and soap opera stuff. Always shoving John Cena in our faces like usual.

I’m not crazy about the Wrestlemania card this year:


The only match I would be interested in seeing is Sting vs. Triple H… that’s probably gonna end up being the match of the night while Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt will be the second best. You know Undertaker is gonna win against Bray Wyatt since the WWE upset too many WWE fans with the Undertaker losing his Wrestlemania streak last year.

I could watch Wrestlemania 31 on WWE Network if I wanted but I don’t wanna subscribe to it. I’m not really all that excited about this year’s Wrestlmania. I do wanna see the Triple H vs. Sting match though ’cause that’s gonna be the good one.

I don’t like WWE anymore and the way it’s going lately. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind and will watch it anyway but it’s probably gonna be a mediocre Wrestlemania like all the others.


Sting is probably gonna win the Royal Rumble this Sunday…

Sting the legendary WCW/TNA star just made his RAW debut last night. Yeah, I watched WWE RAW and it was surprisingly a really good show! All the way through! Yeah, the Road to Wrestlemania begins. The Royal Rumble is this Sunday and I think Sting is gonna win the 30 Man Royal Rumble matchup. That’s why I think Sting appeared at the end of RAW last night so the WWE can let fans know that Sting is gonna be a part of the Rumble. Sting is probably gonna make a Rumble entrant.

Yeah, I took a really long break from watching WWE but I’ve just gotten back into it. Started watching again last week. I usually start watching again around Wrestlemania time.

Will I watch the Royal Rumble this Sunday? Probably not ’cause it’s gonna turn out to be not a very good PPV. The Royal Rumble ppvs haven’t been that great for the last several years.

Sting is probably gonna win the Rumble this Sunday so he can headline Wrestlemania for his last match. It’s probably gonna end up being Sting vs. Triple H as the headlining main event at this years ‘Mania.

Yeah, I’m a big time wrestling fanatic and geek. I don’t feel ashamed of it and I’ll never grew out of it. I will always love professional wrestling ’til the day I die. I respect the wrestlers and the business. They work hard for what they do by entertaining fans and I respect them for that. Love ’em or hate ’em, they work very hard.

I just don’t like where WWE is going with their product and want them to get better. Bring back the good wrestling and good storylines. Like everybody else, I’m tired of the WWE shoving John Cena in our faces. That’s another reason I take breaks from WWE from time to time.


2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations announced…

Finally, Stevie Ray Vaughn got a nomination. If he gets ignored for an induction, then I think I will be boycotting the Hall of Fame. SRV should have got an induction a long time ago.

You can only vote for 5 so I’m gonna vote for: SRV, Lou Reed, The Smiths, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and War. I think they are definitely worthy!


So far SRV, Green Day and NIN are in the lead, though. Which doesn’t surprise me.

Some of you may ask, why did Green Day get the nomination? In order to be eligible a band/artist must have their first album that was released 25 years before. Welp, Green Day’s first album was released in 1990 so the album will hit 25 years in 2015 so that makes the band officially eligible. It may not seem like it but Green Day have been in the music business for years. I used to like Green Day, just not anymore. All they play is power chords and Billie Joe’s singing is amateur at best.

I don’t agree with Green Day getting inducted this soon when there are tons of other rock acts that are more deserving of a nomination like: Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, Ted Nugent, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Yes, etc.

I wasn’t much of NIN fails either and I think it’s too soon for them.

I can now understand why people call this, “The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame” ’cause it’s true.


If Sting isn’t gonna wrestle Undertaker @ WM-31, this is who he’ll probably wrestle instead…

If the Undertaker isn’t able to wrestle at the next Wrestlemania and if he’ll be done, this is who I think Sting would wrestle against instead. That’ll be none other than Hulk Hogan. Sting vs. Hulk Hogan as the headlining main event for WM-31? That sounds like a Wrestlemania indeed!

Sting and Hogan knew each other for a pretty long time. They had plenty of matches together when they worked for WCW and Sting/Hogan had a match together in TNA. Why not have them two have a match for WWE???

Sure, Hogan’s health is not that great and he is aging but Sting is getting old too!!! I’m sure both of these guys are capable of putting on an incredible match together.

On another note, Sting vs. Hogan at a Wrestlemania would be very huge. I can’t think of no other opponent replacement other than Hogan. Sure… Triple H, John Cena, The Rock or Bray Wyatt won’t be a bad idea but it won’t be much of a draw. Sting vs. Hogan would draw in more ppv buy rates.

Sting is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is on the verge of retirement. Hogan is still planning one last match in WWE. Having them two wrestle each other at a Wrestlemania would be a perfect way for them to go out on a positive note.

Sting already named his opponent but he’s not saying who yet. It’s probably gonna be either Undertaker or Hogan.


The icon Sting is at San Diego Comic Con and here is the proof!!!

I guess this is a definite confirmation that the Icon Sting have finally signed a WWE contract after all these years of him avoiding the company. It’s a fact that Sting has never worked with WWE before. WWE have been wanting him for years and he just kept saying “No” until now.

In the instagram video above, there is Sting the man himself, the former WCW/TNA star. The man is a wrestling legend and he is finally making his way to the WWE. I’m sure it’s not gonna be a full time run for Sting… he’s probably just coming for one match at Wrestlemania 31, I would think.

Sting has probably signed a deal to appear in the next WWE videogame, he’ll probably release a new 3 disc DVD set of his WCW career, and he’ll probably perform on RAW until his Wrestlemania match.

Everybody wants Sting vs. Undertaker for WM-31 but that is pretty unlikely. Sting is probably gonna have his last match against Cena, Triple H or Brock Lesnar. Maybe Hulk Hogan too?

When will Sting make his RAW debut??? Probably not this coming Monday, I would think he would start performing on TV sometime before the next Wrestlemania.

I didn’t watch a lot of WCW but I did watch Sting a lot when he was in TNA. I like Sting. He’s a great performer and wrestler. They don’t call him the icon for nothing. Glad he’s finally on his way to WWE.

Why did Sting avoid WWE after all these years? They don’t have anything against each other. They were always friends and got along… it’s just that Sting had his own reasons. Maybe he wanted to wait for the right time? Now he feels that the timing is right. If you wanna know why he avoided WWE Sting explained it in interviews many times, youtube it.


Edit to add: Here’s another video of Sting talking about his WWE future…

Sting finally signs WWE contract???

Legendary WCW/TNA superstar, Sting, never worked for WWF/WWE. Wrestling fans was always hoping that he “might” ’cause they wanted him to wrestle a match against the Undertaker for a Wrestlemania which was a dream match that fans always wanted. WWE have been trying to sign Sting for many years but Sting kept saying, “No”.  Look like Vince McMahon was finally successful at signing, Sting.


Of course, this news blew up pretty huge in the wrestling community. Not sure if it’s true or not. I’ll believe it when WWE themselves confirm the news.

Since it may not be possible that Sting will wrestle Undertaker, I can see Sting having a match against John Cena or Triple H at the next Wrestlemania.

If it’s true that Sting finally signed with WWE, that’s pretty cool. It could be just an excuse for him to get into the WWE Hall of Fame and release a 3 disc Sting DVD which would be cool.

I never watched WCW too much but I did watch a lot of Sting on TNA Impact. I think Sting is a great performer and wrestler for his age.


Report: Sting finally explains why he turned down Wrestlemania 27 with match against the Undertaker…

The reason it’s Triple H vs. The Undertaker for this year’s “Wrestlemania” is because Sting turned it down. Triple H was just the backup if Sting turned it down. Turned out, Sting did. Yes, the WWE asked Sting to make his WWE debut at Wrestlemania, but why did Sting turn it down? He still doesn’t trust how he would be used by WWE. He still supports WWE however, he wants that Triple H vs. Undertaker match to happen and he’ll be wondering about it even though he won’t be watching.

Read more on the story, here.

It’ll be great to see Sting in the WWE, but I don’t think he will ever work for them. He has no personal hatred against Vince and the WWE, it’s just how he feels.



Cool Video: Sting returns to TNA Impact last night and takes the title from Jeff Hardy!!!

WOW!!! I actually enjoyed, TNA Impact last night. While the company is mostly crap, I thought last night’s episode was actually very entertaining.

Last night’s show opened with Dixie Carter coming to the ring to announce her battle with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s new wrestling group, Immortal on who ever takes control of the TNA company. The current storyline is, that Immortal has control of TNA taking over Dixie Carter’s job. Hulk and Dixie battle in court that day storywise to see who gets control. It was announced that Hulk Hogan won the court battle (story wise) and has complete ownership of TNA, leaving Dixie unemployed.

Then it was announced that Jeff Hardy would have a world TNA championship match against an unannounced opponent. The unannounced opponent was the “3-3-11” thing that TNA got going on, similar to the Undertaker’s return at WWE. Well, the “3-3-11” turned out to be Sting.It was a very shocking ending to last night’s TNA and not too expecting. TNA does a good job at unpredictability while WWE makes their story lines too predictable.

Everything else about last night’s TNA was great. The matches were fun and I even enjoyed the Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett feud. Jeff Jarrett who married Karen Angle in front of Kurt’s face at the show.

Last night’s episode was to obviously compete against WWE like usual. Even Hulk Hogan was entertaining last night too. If they keep up the good work like this, I might be a full time fan of TNA. I do watch TNA every week though.

Enjoy the videos below.