The icon Sting is at San Diego Comic Con and here is the proof!!!

I guess this is a definite confirmation that the Icon Sting have finally signed a WWE contract after all these years of him avoiding the company. It’s a fact that Sting has never worked with WWE before. WWE have been wanting him for years and he just kept saying “No” until now.

In the instagram video above, there is Sting the man himself, the former WCW/TNA star. The man is a wrestling legend and he is finally making his way to the WWE. I’m sure it’s not gonna be a full time run for Sting… he’s probably just coming for one match at Wrestlemania 31, I would think.

Sting has probably signed a deal to appear in the next WWE videogame, he’ll probably release a new 3 disc DVD set of his WCW career, and he’ll probably perform on RAW until his Wrestlemania match.

Everybody wants Sting vs. Undertaker for WM-31 but that is pretty unlikely. Sting is probably gonna have his last match against Cena, Triple H or Brock Lesnar. Maybe Hulk Hogan too?

When will Sting make his RAW debut??? Probably not this coming Monday, I would think he would start performing on TV sometime before the next Wrestlemania.

I didn’t watch a lot of WCW but I did watch Sting a lot when he was in TNA. I like Sting. He’s a great performer and wrestler. They don’t call him the icon for nothing. Glad he’s finally on his way to WWE.

Why did Sting avoid WWE after all these years? They don’t have anything against each other. They were always friends and got along… it’s just that Sting had his own reasons. Maybe he wanted to wait for the right time? Now he feels that the timing is right. If you wanna know why he avoided WWE Sting explained it in interviews many times, youtube it.


Edit to add: Here’s another video of Sting talking about his WWE future…

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