Why you should never listen to negative commentary toward your blogging whatsoever…

I get negative commentary toward my blogging everyday. I get it all the time. I’ve been getting negative commentary and opinions toward my online writing for years so I think I’m pretty used to it by now. That’s the thrill of blogging. The mixed responses and mixed reactions. Some of it will be positive and some negative. I always get mixed responses. That’s the kind of response you wanna get with your blogging. If you’re getting nothing but positive responses or no response at all then you’re doing something wrong.

When you have a blog and getting people all fired up and going… don’t ever make the mistake to think that you’re doing something wrong. You’re not. You’re all cool, brotha. Getting people all fired up and pissed off is the way to do it. That’s how you become a good blogger.

Don’t ever change for anybody if they don’t like who you are or if they don’t like how you write on your blog. When you give yourself up and apologize to those you may have offended… they will declare victorious. You don’t ever wanna do that. Never ever ever. It is your mind. Your opinions. Your thoughts. Your life. Don’t allow people to think they have complete control of it. I made a promise to myself that I will never let people control my thoughts if they don’t agree with me.

The things people always say about your blogging is not always true. It’s just opinion. There will be those who will never take everything you write seriously and would actually enjoy it.

Like I said before, I just do this for entertainment and just for fun… whether I get a good or a bad response… so I don’t really give a fuck.

A blog is a great tool to say what you want and that’s what it’s for.

I understand that people are gonna get upset and offended at my topics about politics, local music, and women but if you get offended that easily, then you must be a sensitive person.

People usually get offended at everything I write. No matter what it is. It’s crazy I know. There are pretty much no rules here except no attacking or bashing the blog owner. I know the terms of service of wordpress pretty well so they respect freedom of speech here well. That’s why I have chosen to come to wordpress years ago.

I don’t read negative commentary ’cause I don’t care what people have to say about my writing. I don’t read other blogs written about me and I try not to even read the comments.

Who cares if others get offended. That’s their problem, not yours or mine.


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