Report: Sting finally explains why he turned down Wrestlemania 27 with match against the Undertaker…

The reason it’s Triple H vs. The Undertaker for this year’s “Wrestlemania” is because Sting turned it down. Triple H was just the backup if Sting turned it down. Turned out, Sting did. Yes, the WWE asked Sting to make his WWE debut at Wrestlemania, but why did Sting turn it down? He still doesn’t trust how he would be used by WWE. He still supports WWE however, he wants that Triple H vs. Undertaker match to happen and he’ll be wondering about it even though he won’t be watching.

Read more on the story, here.

It’ll be great to see Sting in the WWE, but I don’t think he will ever work for them. He has no personal hatred against Vince and the WWE, it’s just how he feels.




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