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Peter Gabriel and Sting announce tour together but they will do things a little differently…

Peter Gabriel and Sting has just announced that they will tour together. However, the two will perform songs a little differently. Rather than performing hits from their catalogs of music, they will explore each others tracks meaning separately or together. So does that mean that Peter will be singing some of Sting’s songs and Sting will be singing some of Peter’s songs? Interesting. That means we’ll probably be hearing Peter sing “Roxanne” or “Message In a Bottle” and Sting will probably sing “Sledgehammer” or “Digging In the Dirt”. That’s what they’re experimenting I believe. Cool. I’m a big fan of both of these guys.



Congrats to Kiss, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel and other Hall of Fame inductees for 2014!!!

If Kurt was still alive, I’m sure he would have been honored to be inducted along with Kiss and Peter Gabriel. Too bad he’s not around to see this. I’m sure Dave, Krist, and Pat will accept this honor on his behalf. Will the surviving members of Nirvana perform? I’m sure they will.

Love Kiss or hate them, they deserve this honor too. Kiss has been ignored from the Hall of Fame for years and they finally made it in. I love Kiss too but only their earlier stuff. I’m not into Kiss’s new music too much but I love all of their classic songs, though. Will Ace Frehley be there to reunite with them? I’m sure this induction will be for all members of Kiss over the years.

I love Peter Gabriel’s music as “Us” and “So” are two of my favorite albums of all time. His induction is worthy for sure.

Congrats also go out to Cat Stevens, Linda Ronstadt, and Hall & Oates. Another famous backing band gets the induction and that’s the E Street Band, Springsteen’s backing band. So this means Bruce’s wife Patty and Little Steven Van Zandt are now Hall of Famers. The same goes for Max Weinberg and Clarence Clemons.

The next Hall of Fame show will be interesting for sure.

I’m more interested on who’s going to induct, Nirvana. Butch Vig, Frances Bean, the guys from the Meat Puppets? Anyone of them, a possibility.

See the full inductee list, here.


Report: Genesis getting ready for Hall of Fame nomination voting, also, will Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins reunite?

Although Phil Collins isn’t able to drum anymore, there might be a possibility that Phil Collins and original frontman of Genesis, Peter Gabriel,¬†might reunite at the Rock Hall of Fame, if the band gets inducted.

The band is already preparing for the nomination voting by releasing box sets of live material. Phil announced he has back problems and claims he isn’t able to drum anymore, so he was forced to give it up, but who knows, maybe he will drum at the Hall of Fame if he still has it?

The band is excited and they hope it happens.

From Billboard:


I’m sure they’ll make it in and get inducted, they deserve it. Genesis has always been great.


Report: Peter Gabriel cancels Oscar performance and here’s why…

Former Genesis singer and 80’s icon, Peter Gabriel, has pulled out of his live performance at the Oscars this year. The reason? Simply because he was told that he would only perform the song, “Down to Earth” from the Wall-E soundtrack,¬†for 60-65 seconds during a medley of the three nominated songs for “Best Song” category. He have decided that is not what he wanted. He wanted to perform the song in it’s entirety. Gabriel hopes the Academy will reconsider the medley mix and go back to artists performing the full song for next year.

Variety Reports:


Well, there you have it. The Oscars just revealed one of their secret surprises that they had never done before, performing short sections of songs for a medley. I actually agree with Gabriel that it is pretty ridiculous. The artists who wrote the songs for the movie should be able to perform the songs in entirety like they always did in the past. Kudos for Mr. Gabriel for calling the Academy out on this!!!