Cool Video: Sting returns to TNA Impact last night and takes the title from Jeff Hardy!!!

WOW!!! I actually enjoyed, TNA Impact last night. While the company is mostly crap, I thought last night’s episode was actually very entertaining.

Last night’s show opened with Dixie Carter coming to the ring to announce her battle with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s new wrestling group, Immortal on who ever takes control of the TNA company. The current storyline is, that Immortal has control of TNA taking over Dixie Carter’s job. Hulk and Dixie battle in court that day storywise to see who gets control. It was announced that Hulk Hogan won the court battle (story wise) and has complete ownership of TNA, leaving Dixie unemployed.

Then it was announced that Jeff Hardy would have a world TNA championship match against an unannounced opponent. The unannounced opponent was the “3-3-11” thing that TNA got going on, similar to the Undertaker’s return at WWE. Well, the “3-3-11” turned out to be Sting.It was a very shocking ending to last night’s TNA and not too expecting. TNA does a good job at unpredictability while WWE makes their story lines too predictable.

Everything else about last night’s TNA was great. The matches were fun and I even enjoyed the Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett feud. Jeff Jarrett who married Karen Angle in front of Kurt’s face at the show.

Last night’s episode was to obviously compete against WWE like usual. Even Hulk Hogan was entertaining last night too. If they keep up the good work like this, I might be a full time fan of TNA. I do watch TNA every week though.

Enjoy the videos below.


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