Report: U2 to go back to techno for their next album…

U2’s last couple of albums, “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” and “No Line On the Horizon” were albums concentrating on going back to their old school 80’s rock sound they used to have. Since those albums didn’t sell well in the Billboard, U2 has decided to experiment with techno again. They’ve experimented techno before with albums such as “Zooropa” and “POP”.

For their next record, they plan to make a dance record that you can dance to.

The Associated Press reports:

Hmmm, I wonder if this is a sign that Bono plans on bringing back his Mr. McPhisto character he used to do during the techno days.

I thought “Zooropa” was a good album, but “POP” wasn’t. Since Pop and electronica is very popular in the mainstream of music, it might be a good chance for U2 to sell millions of records again. Their last couple of albums were failures. Even “POP” was a failure.

If U2 wants to experiment with techno again, they better ask advice from Lady Gaga ’cause I think they just want to compete with her.


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