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BREAKING NEWS: Jean Claude Van Damme suffers minor heart attack on his new film, “Weapon”!!!

Action star, Jean Claude Van Damme, suffers a minor heart attack before filming any of his scenes on his new movie, “Weapon”. He was admitted to New Orleans hospital before returning back home to, Belgium, where he lives. His wife and children joined him in New Orleans. It was just a small heart attack, so he is expected to make a full recovery quickly.

More on the story, here.

Well JCVD, did have a huge addiction with cocaine in the past. Yes, he was very addicted. Cocaine WILL do this to you. This is only the beginning for Jean Claude. The next heart attack might be worse. I know he doesn’t do cocaine anymore, he cleaned up his act a long time ago, but your past with drugs will come back and hit ya, no matter if you’re clean or not.

I wish Jean Claude well.


Cool Video: New “Expendables” behind the scene footage, New Orleans local news…

The New Orleans local news did a story on the “Expendables” being filmed in their city. They describe this movie “Rambo X’s 10”. Meaning that the “Expendables” will be more violent than the Rambo movies.

See it here:


Reading the “Expendables” blog, it looks like the violence could be much worse than Rambo. They’re doing all real stunts, and sounds like they are doing real fighting. Real punching and real kicking with real injuries, and everything. Of course, the only thing that’s not real is the gun shooting. They are using real explosions and all that.

I don’t understand why Sly has to release this in the Spring of 2010, when a movie like this will be a perfect, Christmas release.

Sly is almost done with the movie. They’re almost done filming in New Orleans, then they shoot in Los Angeles for the Sly, Arny, and Church scenes last.

After Sly’s finished filming the movie, he’ll have to edit it and put it all together. Keeping the scenes that are right and taking out the scenes that aren’t. Adding sounds effects, musical scores, regular songs by artists/bands for the film soundtrack and whatever last finishing touches they do before release date.

Look like this film is aiming for a 2 hour running length since they aren’t filming for that long. It could be even a little less, maybe an hour and 40 minutes, or worse, a 90 minute film again.

I’m usually never that excited for movies that I’m interested in seeing but like I said before, “The Expendables” is one film that I’m pretty psyched to see. Yeah, I do get a little excited for some movies coming out that I like, but not that excited, but this one I’m very excited and pumped to be seeing.

I’m sure Sly will NOT dissapoint. A film like this is an action movie fan’s dream come true. I’m sure this film will get all action movie fans satisfied, since his last “Rambo” movie got mixed reviews. Sly just wants to make the best action movie possible and he is trying, I think he will do it with this one. This isn’t the biggest movie Sly has ever done, but it certainly is the biggest action movie ever.


Lauren Jones, is a new hot babe for “The Expendables”…

This is Lauren Jones, a supermodel/actress/WWE Diva who plays Mickey Rourke’s girlfriend in, “The Expendables”. Mickey Rourke is playing a guy named, Tool, in “The Expendables”.

Finally, you get to see pics of Mickey on set for “The Expendables” in NOLA, hanging with Lauren Jones. This is what Mickey’s character looks like in the film.

Yes, she was a WWE Diva briefly between 2004-2005, she only did the Smackdown brand. She left the WWE to pursue other careers.

Yep, Sly is definitely a big fan of the WWE.


Mickey Rourke in his Tool costume, posing for a pic with Lauren…

Don’t get any ideas, Sly is a married man, maybe Sly’s wife Jennifer Flavin gave him that cut in the eye after learning Sly hangs with Lauren too much.

Mickey Rourke and Lauren riding the Expendables chopper during filming…

Lauren Jones posing for the camera…

Lauren Jones posing for a pic in the streets of NOLA…

More info on Lauren Jones below:



Cool Video: On set of “The Expendables”, you get to see the Expendables motorcycles and Dolph Lundgren on set!!!

This guy made this video blog to film “behind the scene” stuff for, “The Expendables”. He shows you the bikes that the guys will be riding in the film and you finally get to see Dolph on set!!! WOW!!! Dolph is looking fantastic! Rocky and Ivan Drago on the same set together! Amazing!


Report: “The Expendables” to start shooting in New Orleans tomorrow…

Sheryl Main’s Twitter page reports that Stallone, cast and crew, will start shooting some more of “The Expendables” in New Orleans all this week, starting tomorrow.


According to the Expendables official blog, it reports that the actors filming scenes there will be Sly of course, Dolph, Mickey, Jet, Randy, and Terry.

Mickey Rourke will only film for 2 days, so it looks like Mickey won’t be in the film that much.


When filming of “The Expendables” start back up in New Orleans this week, and behind the scenes pics start leaking online, I’ll post ’em asap!!!

Look like Arnold will shoot his scene in Los Angeles with a date to be announced.

I hope Sly will give Arnold some type of action scene, maybe let Arnold give a guy a couple of punches or something. If Sly and Arnold is going to star in the same movie together, everyone is expecting some action from Arnold. Sly should give us what Arnold fans want. More than just having Arnold speak dialogue from the script. I’m sure Sly knows what Arnold fans would want out of this movie and I think Sly is not that stupid with having Arnold in this too.