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Report: Bruce Willis and Arnold confirmed to play longer roles for “The Expendables” sequel…

Bruce Willis is set to return as, Mr. Church, and, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is set to return as Trench for, “The Expendables”, sequel. They will be playing longer roles this time around, now that Arnold’s governor days are over with.

Deadline, reports.

My question is, which one of these guys will get into a major fight scene with Sly in the next film? I’m hoping Arnold. I’m hoping Arnold will be villain for the next one.

JCVD and Chuck Norris have been rumored for this movie for a long while, lets hope they confirm soon. It’s most likely they are part of this film too. We’ll have to wait and see.


Report: Sly on Jean Claude Van Damme, “We’re cool!”

Sly wants fans to know that he has no bad blood with Jean Claude Van Damme. After JCVD dropped a role of “The Expendables” movie, a heated feud broke out on the internet between the two action stars. It was claimed that the two action stars don’t get along too well.

On Sly’s twitter page…Sly tweeted:

By the way jvcd has been a buddy for years and what I say is friendly teasing.He is a great action star, a one off, an original..

So there you have it. Sly and JCVD officially have no personal hatred against each other in real life. All Sly has been talking about on his twitter page is making fun of Jean Claude.

Is this a hint that JCVD agreed to do the sequel? We’ll keep our fingers crossed for now. 😉