Report: John Travolta, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris rumored castings for “The Expendables” sequel…

The filming for the next “Expendables’ movie will start filming this Sept. Yes, the original cast you see in the picture above is expected to reprise their roles (except for Steve Austin who was killed in the first one). Arnold and Bruce are expected to return but everyone is expecting Bruce and Arnold to have longer roles, not just cameos.

Of course, the film will add some more big name tough guys and there was a few more names brought up who are rumored to be part of the sequel. Those actors are: John Travolta, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Chuck Norris. These are just rumors so don’t believe them as of yet.

Read the full story, here.

Van Damme is definitely a possibility, so I can see Van Damme in the film. John Travolta is a possibility too ’cause Sly and Travolta have been friends for years (they already worked together in “Staying Alive”, Sly directed that movie, John starred in it). I’m not so sure about Chuck Norris.

I hope the Chuck Norris rumor is true ’cause he hasn’t done any acting in years, I hope he makes a huge comeback. If Chuck is in the movie, I can see him being one of the villains, not the Expendables team. It would be great to see Chuck back in Hollywood, I enjoyed his action movies in the 80’s. Especially films like “Firewalker”, “The Octagon”, “Forced Vengeance”, “The Missing In Action” trilogy, etc. Loved all of his flicks in the 80’s.


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