Report: Comic legend, Jerry Lewis, publicly bashes “American Idol”…

Jerry Lewis, the legendary comic, is on a promotional tour to promote his upcoming documentary film, and he openly bashed the singing competition series, “American Idol” to critics. He says all the singers who compete for the show are McDonald’s wipeouts. He accused them of working for McDonald’s and now they work for reality TV. He also says the industry destroyed itself.

Read Jerry’s full thoughts, here.

Yes, finally someone’s making sense and telling the truth. The same goes for all the other singing competitions like “The Voice”, “X-Factor” or “America’s Got Talent”.

I know quite a few local singers in the Albany area that try to audition for these shows, but why? You don’t need to get on these shows for fame. I’ll admit that I used to watch “Idol” when it first started, but I stopped watching since the 3rd season got over with. I don’t watch it anymore. All these singing competition shows are garbage. You don’t need them to get further in your music career.

Just ask Sean Rowe and Phantogram who both got signed to bigger labels without “American Idol”.


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