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Wow, I just realized that Sly Stallone has two movies coming out in 2012!!!

I remember, before “Rocky Balboa” (Rocky VI) came out, Sly’s career was in a big career slump at that time. Before, the new “Rocky” movie came out, he had a hard time being accepted again in Hollywood ’cause no one wouldn’t take him seriously anymore. They all thought Sly was old and washed up actor. People attacked Sly that he didn’t belong in Hollywood anymore ’cause he was making straight to video movies before the new “Rocky” movie was released.

It’s really great to see Sly become successful again. Thanks to Rocky, Rambo, and the Expendables. Sly is now a mainstream star again, which is nice.

Sly has been a work horse lately. He’s got two new movies coming out in 2012, “The Expendables 2” and “Bullet to the Head”, in which he is starring the leading roles in both of them. Both films are action films too.

While everyone thought that Sly bringing back Rocky & Rambo back to the big screen one more time was a silly idea, it was a smart career move. Think about it. If Sly never did bring back Rocky & Rambo, he would STILL be a struggling actor. He just did whatever it took to bring his career back on track.

I think he’s going to be done with acting soon ’cause he said he planned on retiring to concentrate on directing mostly. I remember him saying he will act in a few more films starring the leading roles, then he’ll be done.

The more Sly, the better. Can’t wait to see, “Expendables 2” and “Bullet to the Head”.


Cool Video: “Expendables 2” trailer is finally here, and looks badass!!!

“The Expendables 2” teaser is finally here. There’s nothing much on it for now, it’s just a teaser. It just shows all the cast members. The trailer shows Chuck Norris, and Van Damme. Best of all, it also shows Arnold holding a gun!!!! How cool is it to finally see Arnold with a gun for the big screen? After a 7 year long fucking wait of Arnold’s governor shit, he’s finally back to where he belongs. Action films on the big screen!!!

I did like the first “Expendables” movie, but only for the action & fight scenes. The action scenes for the first film was fine, it was just the writing that had lots of problems. Hopefully the plot will be an improvement for the sequel. I’ll be seeing the new film in theater for sure.

Check out the trailer, here.


My final picks for “Expendables 2” casting…

Sly already reported that the idea for “Expendables 2” there is going to be a whole new different cast of action guys. I know I made a few picks before, but this is my final and last pick. My idea of casting for “Expendables 2”.

My picks are here…

Cast for “Expendables” group…(other than Sylvester Stallone)

  • Kurt Russell
  • Carl Weathers
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Quinton Rampage Jackson
  • Vin Diesel
  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Chow Yun Fat

I didn’t list Van Damme ’cause everyone knows that Sly and JCVD don’t get along too well, they aren’t on the same page so don’t ever expect Sly and JCVD to work together any time soon. I picked Carl Weathers ’cause it would be amazing to see him and Sly team up again. Chow Yun Fat for a martial arts guy. I don’t want Jackie Chan in this ’cause that guy is overrated.

Expendables babes:

  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Scarlett Johansonn
  • Zoe Saldana
  • Catherine Zeta Jones or Nicole Kidman (for women that are aging)

For Expendables villains:

  • Liam Neeson
  • Tyler Mane
  • John Travolta

I think John Travolta would be the good main villain for Expendables 2. Sly and John worked together before, it’ll be great to see them re-team as well.

For special cameo appearances as they did with Willis and Schwarzenegger, I would pick any of these guys here:

  • Clint Eastwood
  • Al Pacino
  • Ed Harris
  • Robert Deniro