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Kharma will be out of WWE for about a year…

Kharma (formerly known as Awesome Kong, pictured above) will take some time off from WWE after being newly signed not too long ago. The reason? She’s pregnant in real life. She’s only been on RAW for a couple of weeks. Destroying divas by interfering in matches as she has done in TNA.

This is pretty sad and disappointing ’cause Kharma was the best thing that ever happened in WWE. I always knew that WWE needed Awesome Kong. WWE finally got her after all these years.

This is why I continued to watch RAW because I was looking forward to Kharma. We have to wait for a year for her return. Hopefully Kharma returns before “Wrestlemania 28” next year, so she can make her Wrestlemania debut.

I understand she needs to take time off because of her baby, so I wish her luck, She was a phenomenal performer. The current RAW sucks so much now, but at least we have a heel R-truth because R-truth being a heel is pretty interesting. R-Truth being a heel is my other favorite thing going on RAW.

WWE is ridiculous. I’m starting to lose my respect. That’s why I think TNA “Impact Wrestling” is a better show.

Back to Kharma (or Awesome Kong) we have a legend in the making here, a future Hall of Famer for sure. It’s too early to call her a legend, but she will be a recognizable wrestling figure 10 years from now. I remembered Awesome Kong back when she was in TNA and I knew from the very start, she’s going to be a bigger star someday.


Thought: Awesome Kong puts up questionable photo on her twitter…

Well I just got done watching the Royal Rumble ppv. Awesome Kong didn’t make her debut yet. However, she put up a questionable photo as her default profile pic on twitter. She’s all sexy looking and wearing pink.

Check it out, here.

Is that what she’s going to look like when she arrives in WWE? She’s coming in as a babyface and not as a heel like she was in TNA?

Look at her boobs, though, dayam. She’s actually kind of hot. Hopefully this is just for Valentine’s Day and she’s not going to look like this in WWE.


Thought: I trust WWE in their Awesome Kong signing…

Ever since the announcement of former TNA star, Awesome Kong, getting signed to WWE, there have been many worries by wrestling fans how WWE is going to use her. When WWE bring in new wrestlers, they usually use them for humorous and silly storylines that makes it look embarrassing to wrestling fans like what they did to the Hornswoggle, the Great Khali and Santino Marella characters. Fans worry that WWE will make Awesome Kong head down that road.

Will Awesome Kong be brought in as a heel or a babyface?

When Awesome Kong was in TNA, she was always seen as a heel. I don’t think she was ever a babyface in TNA. In TNA, she was also seen as this unstoppable monster. She couldn’t be defeated in the women’s division in TNA wrestling. Not too worry wrestling fans. I think WWE will use her good. They will continue to use her as this unstoppable heel that she’s known for. I think WWE have been wanting her for a long time, they’ve been waiting to sign her until she’s done with TNA. Now they finally got her since Awesome Kong was released from TNA earlier this Spring.

There’s a couple of possibilities on how WWE is going to use Awesome Kong. They will bring her in as this unstoppable heel against the WWE Divas. Kong will come in, beating up all the Divas, she can’t be stopped or she could be brought in as a new Nexus member. Why would Kong be a good Nexus member? Well I think the Nexus could use a good female heel and Kong would make a great addition to the group.

WWE will obviously give her a new staged name and a new gimmick ’cause I’m very sure TNA owns the rights to her name and gimmick. So WWE will create something else for her, unless WWE tries to buy the “Awesome Kong” name off of TNA so she can keep that name. WWE won’t disappoint fans with the Awesome Kong signing. Not sure when she’ll make her debut, they’ll make it unpredictable. I think she’ll come in in the 30 Man royal rumble matchup, she’ll make her debut at the Royal Rumble ppv. She could also come into feud with Beth Phoenix or become the bodyguard for LayCool (Layla and Michelle McCool, tag team). It’ll be interesting how WWE is going to use Kong. I believe in WWE and trust in them. They’ll use her good.


Report: Awesome Kong, finally signs contract to WWE!!!

Long time, TNA star, Awesome Kong (real name: Kia Stevens, the huge black woman pictured above) just signed a contract to WWE. How long did it take WWE to finally notice her? She revealed the news herself on her twitter page. This is great news because the Divas division in WWE could use a big woman. I can definitely see WWE using Awesome Kong, as this unstoppable female monster. She’ll come in as a heel for a while, but maybe babyface sometime in the future.

Read more on it, here.

I do watch TNA wrestling sometimes and for some reason, I’m fascinated with Awesome Kong. She’ll do good with WWE. They need her.

I wonder if Samoa Joe or AJ Styles will ever go to WWE? They will at some point.