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Will the WWE ever induct Chyna in the Hall of Fame??? I love Chyna but it’s pretty unlikely she’ll get in, unfortunately…


There’s a lot of talk throughout the wrestling internet community that we all want Chyna aka “The 9th Wonder of the World” to be included in the Hall of Fame. I agree. Chyna is definitely worthy and she’s long overdue to be in the Hall of Fame. Why? Well for one, Chyna was one of the original founders of the D-Generation X wrestling faction. Ya know, D-X which had members such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Chyna was one of the first members of that group. She also won the the WWF Intercontinental Championship 2 times and a one time WWF Women’s champion. She was also the first woman to be an entrant in a Royal Rumble match-up. There are many reasons why she’s worthy like her relationship storyline with Eddie  Guerrero and her feud with Chris Jericho. She had many memorable moments in the WWF when it used to be called WWF at the time she was in the business.

Wrestling fans have been wanting Chyna in the Hall of Fame long before she passed away. Now that she has passed on, even more wrestling fans want her in the Hall of Fame. I agree, though. I fuckin’ LOVE Chyna. Always did and always will. While I would love for her to be included in the Hall of Fame, I don’t think it’ll happen ever. It’s pretty unlikely she’ll get in and here are a few reasons why…

  1. She publicly disrespected Vince McMahon, Stephanie and Triple H in the past. She trashed them in interviews and she made a lot of youtube videos trashing them. She mostly trashed Stephanie though ’cause Chyna accused Triple H of cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon and that’s probably one of the big reasons Vince will never let her in. They probably feel it isn’t a good idea to have someone in the Hall of Fame when this person disrespected them in the past.
  2. Chyna’s history with working in the porn industry is another big reason. Since the WWE is now a family-friendly company, they feel this won’t be good for the company given her history with doing porn. The ironic thing with that though is that the WWE inducted Sunny (real name: Tamara Sytch) who also had a history of starring in adult porn. So if Sunny can get in, why can’t Chyna right?

I would love for Chyna to get in but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen ever. Yeah, before her death, the WWE ignored her for many years due to her negative grudges at the McMahons and Triple H. They ignored her up until she passed and they responded out of her respect and for her family.

You see the WWE can ignore Chyna all they want to but she’s a fucking legend, ya know? Yeah, Chyna had her problems but her legacy in the wrestling business and what she did can’t be denied. Chyna was a great talent. I used to love watching her on TV. I remember her storylines with Eddie Guerrero and her solo matches.

I wish WWE would treat her with more respect ’cause they’ve always treated her like garbage. I’m not gonna blame WWE for her passing, though. Before she passed on, I’ve followed her youtube channel for a long time. I actually miss watching her videos.

Chyna’s a legend… can’t take that away from her.



WWE did a tribute for Chyna last night but…

… all they did was a video tribute for Chyna, that was it. The tribute video wasn’t that long and they didn’t show much on it. They didn’t even have all the RAW superstars at the top of the ramp to ring the bell either!

So I think it’s pretty obvious that Vince and Stephanie still hates Chyna.They just did the tribute video out of respect for the fans. Will they put her in the next “Hall of Fame” in 2017? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. You can say what you want about Chyna but she did have a lot of accomplishments in the wrestling business. She helped started the iconic wrestling group, D-X… she also helped build up the women’s division in wrestling. Without Chyna there would have never been other popular Divas such as: Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus, Lita, etc. Chyna helped make the WWE a lot of money. She really helped the business with her storyline with Eddie Guerrero. I remember all that stuff.

Some may accuse me of being a Chyna fan just because she died but nope, not true at all. I’ve been a longtime Chyna follower long before she died. I followed everything she did in her career over the years. After she retired from wrestling, I followed all of the online stuff she did in her youtube channel. I’ve been a longtime follower. I’ve seen everything she did in WWE.

Sure, Chyna may have said some pretty hurtful things about Vince, the WWE, Stephanie and Triple H a lot over the years… I can understand why they don’t want anything to do with her, understandable but she simply wanted to make amends and apologize to those she hurt. That’s all she wanted to do, ya know? She wanted to bury the hatchet with them and leave the past behind. She no longer wanted to continue to hold grudges with them if you know what I mean.

It’s pretty crazy to me that she tried to reach out to them but they never responded until now. Really, she tried contacting them herself but they wouldn’t take her calls.

I think Vince owes us an explanation for sure. Maybe get him on a podcast show and explain to us why he shut Chyna out.


WWE is being all nice to Chyna now ’cause they are trying get away with that they treated her like crap…

I still blame the death of Chyna on WWE all the way. My opinion still stands on that.

Read more on this well-written article on why Chyna dying was WWE’s fault…


This article said the same thing I said the other day. This article says that her real-life feud with WWE has gotten her into a depression so she started taking prescription meds because of it.

In the old days of WWE, Triple H started dating Stephanie while he was still engaged to Chyna so yeah… Triple H cheated on Chyna with Stephanie. That’s the only reason why Triple H’s career is so big right now ’cause he married the boss’s daughter. I’ve always believed that Triple H wouldn’t have gotten where he is in WWE if hadn’t married the boss’s daughter. It’s obvious, right? I mean think about it, right? Triple H is a 13 time WWE Champion. He’s always gotta be at every Wrestlemania even if he’s so-called “retired” from wrestling and now he’s the 2nd boss of WWE. Triple H is Vince McMahon’s right hand-man now.

Ya know, if Triple H married Chyna instead and if he was still married to Chyna… Triple H wouldn’t have gotten all that. It’s pretty obvious to me that the only reason Triple H married Stephanie McMahon (Vince’s daughter) is to help boost Triple H’s wrestling career and his plan worked. Honestly, I don’t think Triple H really loves Stephanie… he totally used her to boost his career. Triple H is a manipulator and would do anything to get what he wants.

Triple H claims that the reason Chyna is not in the Hall of Fame is ’cause he says that he’s worried that kids would look up her name in google and find out that she had a background in porn? Like Vince Russo said, the real reason they wouldn’t allow Chyna in the Hall of Fame is ’cause Stephanie McMahon doesn’t want Chyna in the Hall of Fame. Stephanie hates Chyna’s guts and she’s the one keeping Chyna out of the Hall of Fame. Vince McMahon is just giving Stephanie what she wants.

It’s all pretty crazy. After years of Vince, Triple H and Stephanie treating Chyna like she’s a pile of garbage… they all act nice to Chyna now that she has died? Fucking unbelievable! I thought it was pretty despicable and low of WWE. They treated Chyna like crap and now WWE finally acknowledges her after she died? It’s bullshit. All of it. Vince should feel ashamed of himself.

She tried to reach out to WWE many times, hoping to bury the hatchet but they never responded until now. Chyna should be treated with respect ’cause she really did help make WWE a lot of money. She still has a lot of fans that stuck with her even she stayed away from wrestling after all these years. She definitely did change wrestling and I think that’s the only reason why Triple H is mad at Chyna ’cause he’s jealous of her. Jealous that she changed the wrestling business and he didn’t. Gee, no wonder the WWE shut her out. Jealousy is a motherfucker ain’t it? No wonder Chyna left America for Japan.

Chyna wanted to meet with WWE hoping to resolve things and bury the hatchet but WWE wanted nothing to do with her.

I’m fed up with WWE and I think I’m about done supporting them. Not sure yet though. I’ll give them another chance. If they do a tribute show for Chyna on the next RAW and put her in the next Hall of Fame, I’ll continue to support them. If they don’t do any of those at all then it’ll be the last straw. I’ll be boycotting the WWE. I promise you that.


Chyna death… WWE to blame???

It’s possible that Chyna may have passed due to a drug overdose, overdosed on prescription meds probably. We don’t know yet for sure but I’m almost pretty sure that’s what happened. If you watched her videoblogs in her youtube channel, she’s acts all weird and she seems totally out of it a lot so she was definitely onto something.

Vince McMahon and Chyna may have never gotten along over the years but for a long while she’s been trying to beg for forgiveness and trying to bury the hatchet with WWE. I think her real-life feud with WWE may have sent her into a depression and became addicted to prescription meds. She also had public feuds with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. If you look up in youtube you can see plenty of videos she did lashing out at Vince, Triple H and Stephanie.

Is the reason she had so many personal problems in her life is ’cause of her feud with WWE? To be honest, I pretty much blame her passing on them and WWE should feel ashamed of themselves really. Chyna fans campaigned for her to get inducted into the Hall of Fame but the WWE never acknowledged her until now. Chyna did her best to bury the hatchet with Vince and the WWE but they never cared. Such a shame.

Vince is a douchebag and doesn’t care about anybody but himself. Hopefully Vince does the right thing and do a tribute show for her on this coming Monday’s RAW. Get her in the Hall of Fame too. If Vince does none of those then I’ll be done supporting WWE for good. I’ll boycott ’em.


RIP: Joanie Laurer aka Chyna 1970 – 2016

Kind of devastated this morning to wake up to hear the news that Chyna suddenly passed away. Love her or hate her all you want to, she accomplished a lot in the wrestling business. She was a founding member of the legendary wrestling group, D-Generation X. She was also a manager for other wrestlers such as Triple H, Billy Gun, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho and maybe others. She was also a major part of another wrestling group started by the McMahon family called, The Corporation. Chyna has always been an important part of the Attitude Era in WWE. She was also a major part of the women’s division in wrestling. She’s a 2 time Intercontinental Champion and a 1 time Women’s Champion. She left WWE in 2001 and moved to Japan so she can focus on her wrestling career at New Japan Wrestling. She also made some adult porn movies and posed for Playboy 2 times.

Over the years, Chyna stayed in Japan and then she retired from wrestling so she can teach English to young Japanese students. Just recently, she returned to the United States and stayed in California so she can make appearances at wrestling events for her fans. Her fans campaigned for her to be included into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I’m kind of heartbroken over this news ’cause I’m such a huge Chyna fan. Always has been. I’ve looked up to her for years. I’ve watched her in WWE. Saw everything she did in wrestling. I remember buying both of her Playboys she did. I saw her exercise video she did and admittedly, I saw her porn she did with Sean Waltman aka X-Pac. That was the only porn I saw of hers, though.

Now that she’s gone, hopefully the WWE will do the right thing and put her in the Hall of Fame for the next Wrestlemania ’cause she totally deserves it. RIP Chyna and thank you for all you did. Yes, she may have had her problems over the years in her life but hey, we’re all human and we all have our problems too.


Chyna is back in the United States but for what???

Look like Chyna and Vince McMahon finally buried the hatchet, hopefully? Chyna finally decided to move back to the United States. Where has she been after all these years? Well, she’s been living in Japan since 2012 teaching English.

The photos above is her hanging out with Mick Foley at his home and the photo under it is her arriving at WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT. Why is she at WWE headquarters? Probably to have a meeting with Vince, Triple H and Stephanie who are the big leaders of WWE.

I think good things are coming up ahead for Chyna. Is Chyna gonna make a WWE comeback? Hall of Fame possibility? It’ll be cool to see her reunite with the D-Generation X ’cause she was one of that group’s founding members. She helped started D-X. If her and Triple H would bury the hatchet after all these years then that would be cool.

I have noticed that Vince McMahon have been burying the hatchet with a lot of wrestlers he feuded with in real life. He buried the hatchet with Bret Hart, Warrior, Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Steve Austin, etc. Vince may seem like an asshole and an egomaniac but that’s what you see on TV. In real life, Vince is a really good guy and the man has a lot of heart. He really loves his wrestlers. He cares for all of them.

I hope Chyna makes a WWE return. It’ll be cool to see her back on a future RAW and I would start watching again if she returns. I’m a Chyna fan. Have been since her D-X days and still am a fan today.

Even though she stayed away from wrestling after all these years, wrestling fans never turned their back on her. She still has a lot of fans and still very popular so I would think wrestling fans would love to see her make a TV comeback to wrestling.


Look like Chyna is gonna be in the WWE Hall of Fame soon after all!!!

For many years, wrestling fans have wondered if Chyna aka “The Ninth Wonder of the World” will ever make the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s been well-documented that Chyna and WWE never really got along too well and looks like the WWE finally wants to bury the hatchet with her.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had Triple H as a guest on his podcast show and Triple H commented on how he wants to get Chyna in the Hall of Fame. Remember, Triple H and Chyna used to be lovers before he met Stephanie.

Chyna responded and she seems to be game in being inducted in the Hall of Fame.

More here:


Will Chyna be inducted to this year’s Hall of Fame? Maybe not this year but definitely next year. Chyna deserves an induction. Love her or hate her, Chyna is very popular and she achieved a lot in the wrestling business.

I love Chyna, always did and still do.

She’s currently living in Japan teaching English so if she wants to get inducted, she’ll have to fly all the way back to the US.

I hope she returns to the WWE for one more match as well. I’ve always been a Chyna fan. She gave us a lot during the Attitude Era. Yes, I do find her hot and sexy. She seems like a sweetheart too.

Check out her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3UAzDmhBN2N_eCd1GEJmA


Cool Video: Mick Foley is the Network Rep, See the return of Chyna on TNA!!!

Last night’s TNA episode, was actually a great episode. Mick Foley ended up being the Network Representative, that’s been busting on Hulk Hogan and Immortal for a long while. Mick made the announcement that TNA changed the name to their Thursday shows to “Impact Wrestling”, making the announcement public and official. TNA’s name change is an attack at WWE for leaving out wrestling out of their new name. Mick also introduced the return of Chyna, Joanie Laurer.

I’ll admit that Chyna is still looking really hot. Yes, she had plastic surgery, breast implants and wears too much make-up but you can’t deny that she turns you on every time you see on her TV. She hasn’t been on wrestling television for a little over ten years, she’s been gone for that long.

I hope Chyna’s run in TNA will be full time, and not just a short run. We’ll wait and see. Enjoy the videos, here, and here.


Cool Video: “Chyna” Joanie Laurer returns to professional wrestling after a long 10 year hiatus…

Guess who’s back to pro wrestling? That’s right, Chyna – Joanie Laurer has returned to wrestling after a long 10 year break from the wrestling business. Chyna left WWE in 2001. After she left WWE, she worked for New Japan Pro Wrestling for a few years, after she left that company, she didn’t do any wrestling at all. During her break from wrestling she did appear in a lot of TV shows and in some movies, but the reason she didn’t do much in her career after her WWE days is because she was having a lot of personal problems in her life.

She became a drug addict, and suffered depression, all kinds of stuff. She must of gotten her personal life straightened out if she is finally ready to return to wrestling.

This is not a very good video, look like it was shot on a cell phone camera, but Chyna’s TNA debut is set to air next Thursday May 12th. She is revealed as Kurt Angle’s mysterious, mistress.


Report: Trish Stratus wants Chyna in wrestling Hall of Fame next!!!

IGN.com did an interview with former WWE Diva, Trish Stratus, to help promote “Tough Enough” which she will be one of the show’s trainers. When she was asked, who she would like to be in the WWE “Hall of Fame” next, the surprising answer, Chyna.

Trish said, “I think Chyna  should be next in because she did a lot of stuff to bring attention to the women’s division itself and just presented women as a different thing. I think fans were conditioned to see women as eye candy for a long, long time and she really broke the mold with that.”

And sorry to say, I’m gonna have to agree. I know Chyna is one of the most hated women of wrestling. People accuse her of being a man and being a plastic surgery whore, all that stuff, but I think Chyna deserves to be inducted. Not only that she killed, the “eye candy” of women in wrestling like Trish explained, Chyna did a lot in WWE and worked hard, like her or not.

The wrestling group Triple H and Shawn Michaels started, D-Generation X. D-X wouldn’t be huge if it wasn’t for Chyna. Chyna was a huge part of that group. I remember when she first joined, D-X, all the attention was on her. Plus her classic storyline with Eddie Guerrero is another reason she deserves to get inducted to the Hall of Fame. Plus she was the first woman to win the Intercontinental Championship belt.

Like her or not, she accomplished a lot in wrestling. She maybe a controversial woman and pretty questionable, but she deserves the Hall of Fame nod. Her and Vince McMahon don’t get along too well in real life, so I hope Vince does the right thing and let her in. They don’t call her the “9th Wonder of the World” for nothing, think about what that means, and why they call her that. Maybe Chyna won’t get inducted this year, but maybe down the road, when ever she buries the hatchet with Vince McMahon.

Watch the video below and look at all the stuff that she did.