Report: Trish Stratus wants Chyna in wrestling Hall of Fame next!!! did an interview with former WWE Diva, Trish Stratus, to help promote “Tough Enough” which she will be one of the show’s trainers. When she was asked, who she would like to be in the WWE “Hall of Fame” next, the surprising answer, Chyna.

Trish said, “I think Chyna  should be next in because she did a lot of stuff to bring attention to the women’s division itself and just presented women as a different thing. I think fans were conditioned to see women as eye candy for a long, long time and she really broke the mold with that.”

And sorry to say, I’m gonna have to agree. I know Chyna is one of the most hated women of wrestling. People accuse her of being a man and being a plastic surgery whore, all that stuff, but I think Chyna deserves to be inducted. Not only that she killed, the “eye candy” of women in wrestling like Trish explained, Chyna did a lot in WWE and worked hard, like her or not.

The wrestling group Triple H and Shawn Michaels started, D-Generation X. D-X wouldn’t be huge if it wasn’t for Chyna. Chyna was a huge part of that group. I remember when she first joined, D-X, all the attention was on her. Plus her classic storyline with Eddie Guerrero is another reason she deserves to get inducted to the Hall of Fame. Plus she was the first woman to win the Intercontinental Championship belt.

Like her or not, she accomplished a lot in wrestling. She maybe a controversial woman and pretty questionable, but she deserves the Hall of Fame nod. Her and Vince McMahon don’t get along too well in real life, so I hope Vince does the right thing and let her in. They don’t call her the “9th Wonder of the World” for nothing, think about what that means, and why they call her that. Maybe Chyna won’t get inducted this year, but maybe down the road, when ever she buries the hatchet with Vince McMahon.

Watch the video below and look at all the stuff that she did.


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