Happy 80th William Shatner!!! :-)


I have followed William Shatner’s career for years. You have to give so much respect for this great man. He’s an American icon, and one of the true legends in the entertainment business, in my opinion. This man has done it all. He’s done everything in the entertainment business, that he could run out of things to do.

Lets look at all the things he has done over the years:

  • Movie actor for the big screen
  • TV actor – for commercials, sitcoms and a handful of other shows…
  • TV show host – from “Rescue 911” to “Shit My Dad Says”, etc. list goes on….
  • Film director
  • Screenwriter
  • Stand up comic
  • Novelist/writer (he’s written a handful of Star Trek books, biographies, and the “Tek War” series)
  • Spoken word musician/singer
  • Professional wrestler (yes, he did that too)

I think that pretty much covers it. I don’t think there is anything he hasn’t done yet. He’s 80 years old, still doing the things he loves doing. He hasn’t retired yet. I don’t think he will call it quits until the day he dies. It’s amazing he’s 80 years old and hard to believe too.

Congrats Shat, and happy birthday, man! You’re such a huge inspiration to me!


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