Thought: If Triple H breaks the Undertaker’s streak, then that would destroy wrestling overall…

This is obviously the most talked about match at “Wrestlemania 27”, which is just two weeks away on April 3rd. Will Triple actually break the Undertaker’s streak at Wrestlemania this year? Will it be 18-1?

On this week’s RAW, Triple had another promo out in the ring. He said this match is better than any other championship match and it would be a career defining moment to break the Undertaker’s world record “Wrestlemania” streak.

As you all know, the Undertaker’s undefeated “Wrestlemania” streak is the most important thing in wrestling history. If Undertaker’s “Wrestlemania” streak gets ended this soon, then wrestling would be destroyed over all and all the power would handed to Triple H. While I am looking forward to this matchup, I just don’t think Triple H will win and end the streak. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

The Undertaker will keep the streak going until he retires. It would be sad if Undertaker loses the streak this soon. It would certainly disappoint the wrestling industry as well. Triple H shouldn’t be the guy to end the streak. This is the Undertaker’s 18th match at Wrestlemania and in my opinion, the undefeated streak will keep going for a long time.

Some of you may ask, “Why are Triple H and Undertaker acting like this is their first match when they had a match for Wrestlemania X-7?” The reason is, there’s a lot of new wrestling fans these days. They wouldn’t know about WWE history much. The longtime fans like myself, would know about that match, but Undertaker and Triple stepping in the ring at WM-27, would be new to the newer fans though. I like how they are not mentioning their old match.

If Undertaker loses the streak at WM-27 this year, I probably will give up watching WWE for good. It would be devastating if that happens. If Undertaker were to lose the streak, they need to make it happen at the right time. Now it’s not the time to lose the streak, way too soon.

If Undertaker ever did lose the streak, it would indeed create controversy all over the net and would be a shocker to the world. I just don’t see it happening, so there’s really nothing to worry about.

In other Wrestlemania thoughts, there are actually a few other matches I’m looking forward to. I’m also looking forward to Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole and the Divas tag match that Snooki is in. I’m disappointed there’s no “Money in the Bank” ladder match this year though. There is usually a “Money in the Bank” ladder match every year at Wrestlemania. I’m not sure why they scrapped it.

Looking forward to WM-27 in a few weeks. After the WM-27 card is done, I’ll predict my winners.


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