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Why I disagree with WWE inducting Beth Phoenix aka “The Glamazon” this soon…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Beth Phoenix aka The Glamazon but to consider her a legend this soon? She’s still considered a new WWE Diva ’cause she made her WWE Debut in 2006. Yep, she’s too new and she’s already getting a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

There are other legendary women in WWE who deserve an induction before her… where are: Chyna, Sable, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Miss Elizabeth, Rockin’ Robin, Cindy Lauper, Jazz, Victoria, Molly Holly, etc.???

Yeah, it’s crazy that these three women from the 80’s: Miss Elizabeth, Rockin’ Robin and Cindy Lauper didn’t make it in yet. Yes, the pop star Cindy Lauper who is most famous for her hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” was a major star in WWF in the 80’s. I don’t like her liberal politics but Cindy Lauper’s legacy in WWE is undeniable. She totally deserves to get inducted all the way.

Beth Phoenix is a badass but not Hall of Fame worthy yet, in my opinion. Most wrestling fans agree with this ’cause most of ’em are outraged. I totally blame this on Edge whose real name is Adam Copeland. Was it him that got WWE to get Beth in the Hall of Fame? Edge and Beth Phoenix are married in real life. Both are retired wrestlers too.

I love WWE but sometimes Vince makes horrible decisions.


Top 10 Wrestlers who really need to be in the WWE Hall of Fame!!!

I’ve been watching a lot of old school wrestling on the WWE Network. Mostly stuff from the 80’s, 90’s and the Attitude Era. I watch all this and I’m thinking the WWE is still missing a lot of guys in the “Hall of Fame”. You know how in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” is pretty bad and missing a lot of bands that deserve to get in? Well the WWE Hall of Fame is just as bad. There are too many wrestlers that deserves to get in and I’ll name 10 wrestlers who are totally deserving of a WWE Hall of Fame induction in no particular order. I probably did this list once before a long time ago but I’ll do it again.

  • The Undertaker: It’s kind of crazy that ‘Taker isn’t in yet. When will the Deadman ever make his way in there? He should have been in a long time ago.
  • Owen Hart: Enough said? I’ve been watching a lot of Owen Hart matches on WWE Network and he was phenomenal performer. He was amazing. Definitely deserving.
  • John “Bradshaw” Layfield or better known as JBL: This guy is most famous as the tag team for the APA with Farooq and he also went solo as a wrestler. JBL had a legendary career and he’s totally deserving.
  • Chris Jericho: Y2J has been in the WWE for many years and he’s still performing but occasionally. Y2J deserves an induction ’cause he had a great career too. Plus, he’s also a phenomenal performer.
  • “The Model” Rick Martel: Remember this guy? He had the full package… the good looks and he was a great wrestler too. He never won the WWE Title but he has won tag team titles a couple of times, though. He was a great performer as well.
  • Chyna: She’ll make her way in there hopefully soon.
  • “Ravishing” Rick Rude: He definitely needs to be in there. Can’t believe he’s not in yet.
  • Lex Luger: Come on really? Sure, his career in WWE was short but he was still a freakin’ badass. Plus he had a long career in WCW. The guy is a wrestling legend for sure. Can’t deny it.
  • Kurt Angle: Can’t believe this Olympic Gold Medalist with a broken freakin’ neck didn’t get in. I’ve always been a Kurt Angle fan whether he was a bad guy or a good guy, he did it all well.

There are tons more wrestlers to name that aren’t in yet like Kane, Big Show, the Hardy Boys, Rey Mysterio, Scott Steiner, Goldberg, Bam Bam Bigelow, etc. I can only name ten though.

Come on Vince… hurry up get those guys in I listed above!


Chyna death… WWE to blame???

It’s possible that Chyna may have passed due to a drug overdose, overdosed on prescription meds probably. We don’t know yet for sure but I’m almost pretty sure that’s what happened. If you watched her videoblogs in her youtube channel, she’s acts all weird and she seems totally out of it a lot so she was definitely onto something.

Vince McMahon and Chyna may have never gotten along over the years but for a long while she’s been trying to beg for forgiveness and trying to bury the hatchet with WWE. I think her real-life feud with WWE may have sent her into a depression and became addicted to prescription meds. She also had public feuds with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. If you look up in youtube you can see plenty of videos she did lashing out at Vince, Triple H and Stephanie.

Is the reason she had so many personal problems in her life is ’cause of her feud with WWE? To be honest, I pretty much blame her passing on them and WWE should feel ashamed of themselves really. Chyna fans campaigned for her to get inducted into the Hall of Fame but the WWE never acknowledged her until now. Chyna did her best to bury the hatchet with Vince and the WWE but they never cared. Such a shame.

Vince is a douchebag and doesn’t care about anybody but himself. Hopefully Vince does the right thing and do a tribute show for her on this coming Monday’s RAW. Get her in the Hall of Fame too. If Vince does none of those then I’ll be done supporting WWE for good. I’ll boycott ’em.


WWE removes Jimmy Snuka from “Hall of Fame”… took them a while but figured they would do it…

Ya know, just because wrestlers are legends and iconic people doesn’t necessarily mean they are good people. After Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Snuka… you probably start to realize that not all wrestlers are good people in real life. It’s sad that wrestlers sometimes turn out to be this way but hey, that’s life. I don’t forgive Hulk Hogan and I don’t think I will.

Jimmy Snuka used to be one of my favorite wrestlers as well but not anymore. It doesn’t matter how long ago this murder was… once a murderer, always a murderer.



Why is Jimmy Snuka still in the WWE Hall of Fame after murdering his girlfriend?

So the WWE erases the history of Chris Benoit for murdering his wife & son and they erase the history of Hulk Hogan for racist comments but WWE does nothing to Jimmy Snuka. Snuka is still listed in the WWE Hall of Fame. Why should Jimmy Snuka be out of the Hall of Fame? Well Snuka the wrestling legend murdered his girlfriend 32 years ago and Snuka has now been charged for her murder after all these years.


So the WWE got rid of everything that had to do with Chris Benoit and Hulk Hogan but they do nothing to Jimmy Snuka. Snuka is still listed in the Hall of Fame.


I think Snuka will soon be the next one to be erased from WWE… maybe WWE is just waiting for the guilty verdict?


WWE finally working on a DVD/BluRay for Owen Hart, will he be inducted in the Hall of Fame too???

Look like the WWE finally buried the hatchet with Owen Hart’s wife/widow, Martha Hart. WWE announced they are finally working on a Owen Hart DVD/BluRay which is cool. As some of you may know, WWE and Martha Hart have been feuding for many years and it looks like they’re finally on good terms now. Took long enough but really good news! Now that an Owen Hart DVD/BluRay set is finally coming, this means Owen Hart being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is now a possibility as well.


Great news ’cause I’m a big Owen Hart fan as well and I would buy the DVD when it comes out for sure. I watched most everything Owen Hart did and yes, I remember that one RAW episode in 1999 where he tragically died on.


Look like Chyna is gonna be in the WWE Hall of Fame soon after all!!!

For many years, wrestling fans have wondered if Chyna aka “The Ninth Wonder of the World” will ever make the WWE Hall of Fame. It’s been well-documented that Chyna and WWE never really got along too well and looks like the WWE finally wants to bury the hatchet with her.

Stone Cold Steve Austin had Triple H as a guest on his podcast show and Triple H commented on how he wants to get Chyna in the Hall of Fame. Remember, Triple H and Chyna used to be lovers before he met Stephanie.

Chyna responded and she seems to be game in being inducted in the Hall of Fame.

More here:


Will Chyna be inducted to this year’s Hall of Fame? Maybe not this year but definitely next year. Chyna deserves an induction. Love her or hate her, Chyna is very popular and she achieved a lot in the wrestling business.

I love Chyna, always did and still do.

She’s currently living in Japan teaching English so if she wants to get inducted, she’ll have to fly all the way back to the US.

I hope she returns to the WWE for one more match as well. I’ve always been a Chyna fan. She gave us a lot during the Attitude Era. Yes, I do find her hot and sexy. She seems like a sweetheart too.

Check out her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3UAzDmhBN2N_eCd1GEJmA


Jake Roberts and Scott Hall finally in the WWE Hall of Fame…

This year’s WWE Hall of Fame is a good one. This year’s inductees are the Ultimate Warrior, Lita, Mr. T, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon.

Honestly, I didn’t find it a surprise that the WWE were going induct Jake Roberts and Scott Hall this year. Diamond Dallas Page said in the past he was going to get those guys in the Hall of Fame since Diamond Dallas was the one who got Jake and Scott clean from drugs/alcohol. Now that Jake and Scott are clean and healthy, they are good to make WWE appearances now. Now that Scott Hall is in the Hall of Fame and Hogan is back in WWE, I’m really feeling an nWo reunion in the future.

While this year’s inductees is pretty good, I feel that Lita doesn’t belong there. It’s too soon for her, I think. There are other wrestling women who are more deserving like Sable, Chyna, etc.

On top of that, they are still neglecting the Macho Man Randy Savage.

I’m glad Ultimate Warrior finally made it in though which is long overdue.

I did watch RAW last night and it was a pretty bad show except the Undertaker & Brock Lesnar segment at the end was pretty good. Even though RAW is still horrible today, I will always LOVE the old-school legends.


Ultimate Warrior is finally gonna be in the WWE Hall of Fame…

The WWE Hall of Fame first started in 1993 (which was about 20 years ago) and the Ultimate Warrior was never in the Hall of Fame. Why? The WWE always wanted Warrior in the Hall of Fame but the Warrior was never down with it until now. I believe it has something to do with his long real-life feud against, Vince McMahon. Warrior was in a long feud with Vince since 1991 and I believe Warrior didn’t want in the hall of fame while the feud was going on. So it’s looking like that Warrior officially buried the hatchet with McMahon since Warrior made an appearance in the WWE 2k14 game and is now gonna be in the Hall of Fame.

What’s next for the Ultimate Warrior? Possible wrestling return? One last match? Warrior still says that he’s done in the ring but I wouldn’t rule it out, though. I believe he could have one final match at this year’s Wrestlemania against none other than Vince McMahon which could be a possibility. If Warrior is done with wrestling for good… he still could make on TV WWE appearances, though. Just not wrestle. Maybe Warrior could be the special guest referee for the main event at this year’s ‘Mania? That’s an idea too!

Anyway, I’m happy that Warrior is finally in the Hall of Fame which is long overdue but there are still other wrestlers missing that are well-deserving for induction. “Macho Man” Randy Savage still needs to be in there. Also Owen Hart, Scott Hall, The Undertaker, Sting, and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson deserves his time too. Maybe Chris Jericho as well.

See the full inductee list, here.

Even though the Ultimate Warrior claims to be done with wrestling… it’s pretty clear that a lot of people still love him to death. He’s my favorite too. He had more personality than Hulk Hogan.


Cool Video: Vince McMahon shows respect to Shawn Michaels by giving him his Hall of Fame ring…

In this video you can see HBK Shawn Michaels nervously waiting backstage, dressed in a tuxedo. Out comes Vince McMahon giving Shawn his Hall of Fame ring. As you can see they have a pretty long emotional hug.

This is a pretty powerful moment. This video really shows that Vince McMahon really loves what he does in the wrestling business. It really shows Vince McMahon really cares for his superstars that he works with. Yes, Vince and Shawn Michaels may have been long time enemies on the TV screen, but that’s just an act and a storyline. In reality, Vince and Shawn treat each other with the utmost respect. They are like brothers, a family.

Vince McMahon is a wrestling fan himself and he is a fan of all these superstars that he pays them for, he’s a fan just like all of us. While WWE is not for everyone, you still should treat Vince McMahon with respect, because this man works extremely hard to bring the WWE to where it is today.