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WWE removes Jimmy Snuka from “Hall of Fame”… took them a while but figured they would do it…

Ya know, just because wrestlers are legends and iconic people doesn’t necessarily mean they are good people. After Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Snuka… you probably start to realize that not all wrestlers are good people in real life. It’s sad that wrestlers sometimes turn out to be this way but hey, that’s life. I don’t forgive Hulk Hogan and I don’t think I will.

Jimmy Snuka used to be one of my favorite wrestlers as well but not anymore. It doesn’t matter how long ago this murder was… once a murderer, always a murderer.



Why is Jimmy Snuka still in the WWE Hall of Fame after murdering his girlfriend?

So the WWE erases the history of Chris Benoit for murdering his wife & son and they erase the history of Hulk Hogan for racist comments but WWE does nothing to Jimmy Snuka. Snuka is still listed in the WWE Hall of Fame. Why should Jimmy Snuka be out of the Hall of Fame? Well Snuka the wrestling legend murdered his girlfriend 32 years ago and Snuka has now been charged for her murder after all these years.


So the WWE got rid of everything that had to do with Chris Benoit and Hulk Hogan but they do nothing to Jimmy Snuka. Snuka is still listed in the Hall of Fame.


I think Snuka will soon be the next one to be erased from WWE… maybe WWE is just waiting for the guilty verdict?


Wrestlemania thought: Will Mickey Rourke help Chris Jericho win the match against the Legends at ‘mania 25? Brock here thinks so…

Everybody thinks that Mickey Rourke will interfere the “Chris Jericho vs. Piper, Steamboat, Snuka” match to help the Legends win, but hate to burst your bubble, wrestling fans, but I don’t think how that’s gonna end. To keep the  match unpredictable and shocking, I think there’ll be a little bit of a twist to it.

Could Rourke actually turn into a badguy, and maybe team up with Jericho? Rourke turns his back on the Legendary wrestlers and sticks by Jericho’s side?

There is NO fucking way, Chris Jericho is going to lose this match. I mean think about it. Jericho has got Piper, Steamboat, and Snuka all against him, possibly Ric Flair to join in on the action too, so that makes it 4 against one. It doesn’t make sense that Jericho could battle all those guys by himself, so it makes sense that Jericho is going to get some help.

I can’t think of no one other than Mickey Rourke to help Jericho win the match. Yes, Rourke will interfere, the WWE will make it look like that Rourke is about ready to punch Jericho, but instead, Rourke knocks out one of the other legends in the match. Creating controversy that’ll get the crowd booing.

Why would Jericho want to lose to a bunch of legends at ‘Mania? Jericho is a top star. Rourke turns heel and helps Jericho. WWE loves this kind of stuff.

This is not a match spoiler, it’s just a prediction that’s all it is. Feel free to write in your thoughts on this.