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WWE finally working on a DVD/BluRay for Owen Hart, will he be inducted in the Hall of Fame too???

Look like the WWE finally buried the hatchet with Owen Hart’s wife/widow, Martha Hart. WWE announced they are finally working on a Owen Hart DVD/BluRay which is cool. As some of you may know, WWE and Martha Hart have been feuding for many years and it looks like they’re finally on good terms now. Took long enough but really good news! Now that an Owen Hart DVD/BluRay set is finally coming, this means Owen Hart being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is now a possibility as well.


Great news ’cause I’m a big Owen Hart fan as well and I would buy the DVD when it comes out for sure. I watched most everything Owen Hart did and yes, I remember that one RAW episode in 1999 where he tragically died on.


13 Years Ago Today, the wrestling world lost the great Owen Hart…

13 years ago today, the wrestling world lost the great Owen Hart, due to a tragic accident. On this ppv in 1999, Owen fell off the rafters when he was the Blue Blazer character, when he was supposed to make an entrance in the ring using a harness and grapple line. The WWE didn’t film the accident, of course, they turned the cameras off right away. It had to suck for the WWE and the fans to go through this that night. It’s a tragedy that should never be forgotten. RIP Owen.


Owen Hart

Owen Hart, the brother of legendary wrestler, Bret “the Hitman” Hart, would have been 45, years old if he was still alive today. If Owen was still alive, I can still see him doing what he loves best…wrestling. Whether Owen would be wrestling in either TNA or WWE, he’d still be doing wrestling no matter what if he was still around. Owen has always been a favorite of mine before he died. RIP Owen. He maybe gone but never forgotten.